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  1. Nope, if there is a requirement for 5-10+ images on the screen at the same time, it truly is a deal killer and I will have to keep the search going. Thanks for confirming the program limitation and saving me some time, it's appreciated.
  2. I did a lot of searching on this subject before posting, but I could only find very old messages with no resolutions. I am used to working in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, even Magic Viewer, and being able to view, manipulate and edit multiple images at the same time, with each in a window on the same program screen. This common Windows format allows seamless cut-n-paste, color-matching, selection sharing, etc. - we may have 5-10 images, or more, all on the screen and being edited and manipulated at the same time. From what I can see from using the program, and what my research suggests,
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