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  1. Hey guys, Don't get me wrong... I love PN and use it every day, despite a few pet annoyances I've been asked not to post about here anymore. ;?) I have a question I haven't asked, though (and which seems innocent enough not to draw fire from administrators for seeming too critical, LOL): When you make a selection on a layer and delete (or cut it, why won't PN antialias the edges to the layer below it? It'd save a tremendous amount of time blending the new edges with the colours below it (which I guess is the whole idea of antialiasing, right?). I know PN c
  2. Come on, guys... Must I start a new topic just to avoid all this distracting, irrelevant gab? This topic's purpose is very simple: I've explained why, for years, I've wished PN had persistent dialog box positions (like every other graphics editor in the known universe). I've asked PN users who also want this option to add their support. (Maybe I'm naive, but it seems to me the more users who request a feature, the more likely it may be added.) Because I'm proposing an optional feature—one that would not be activated by default, but must be activated by each user—there is
  3. I know it sounds crazy, but there are actually lots of websites where people try to tell other people how they should be required to think, live or work!
  4. You must've missed this part of my post: It didn't say, "Please tell us why you think everyone should use PN the way you use it." If you wish, I'll be glad to start a different forum topic where people can tell everyone why they think other people should be just like them. (Oh, wait—we actually have a president like that now, don't we? 😁 ) It's more than just time! It's the introduction of repetitive, unnecessary tasks when you're trying to focus on creative work often involving fine detail. It baffles me why anyone would want boxes poppi
  5. Like many of you, I've enjoyed PN for a long time. But it's always had one quirk I've found distracting and time-consuming: Whenever you open a dialog box, it appears right the middle of the screen, covering your work. Before you can continue, you must stop and drag the box out of the way to see what you're doing—even during the same session, when it should be quite clear where you'd like that box to be. I couldn't understand why PN's developers overlooked this basic functionality. Since the early '90s, the great advantage of floating controls has been the ability to place them whe
  6. Hi Rick (& other PN devs, if any), Almost 2 years ago, I started a thread here asking why PN still didn't have the option to automatically antialias edges around pastes and deletions. After all, one of the things we most commonly do is overlap elements, which requires antialiasing to have any chance of looking convincing. Only other users answered my post. (One user—obviously a big comma fan [maybe he was doing a Christopher Walken impression]—replied: "Because other Apps do, what YOU want automatically, that doesn't means that this is a good idea. What, if someone
  7. I must agree. It's a limitation of PN I've never understood.
  8. Thanks for the update, and for all your hard work in general! Now won't you please consider having PN "remember" the positions of dialog boxes—if not from one session to another, then at least during the same session—so we don't have to keep stopping to drag them away from the center of the editing area... every... single... time... we... open... them... ? If the boxes were non-modal (as in GIMP), and we could just leave them open, it wouldn't be so bad. But you can't resume using PN without closing them—so it's drag, drag, drag... If you're worried that use
  9. Thanks for restoring my beloved keyboard shortcuts! And sorry again that I overreacted. :?P What—there are other things in your life besides P.n? :?D Anyway, I wasn't trying to order you about. (I didn't say "You'd better update your documentation now!") It was just a reminder, as I assumed the changes were permanent (again, me overreacting).
  10. Thanks for your replies. Sorry, I was just surprised to find that suddenly the commands I'd used, like, forever, did nothing, and that I had to hunt down the explanation elsewhere. I can certainly get by with the menu combinations you described, and will be grateful when you restore some (any) actual key combinations for them. And thanks for putting up with us moody artist-types. ;?)
  11. You'd better update your online documentation's Keyboard & Mouse Commands page, too, as it's no longer accurate.
  12. I just installed PN 4.1, and found that the keyboard shortcuts for Brightness/Contrast (Ctrl+Shift+T) and Hue/Saturation/Lightness (Ctrl+Shift+U), which I've used for many years, no longer worked. I now see the 4.1 change log says: "Freeing them up for other functionality"? What the heck does that mean? And now, rather than pressing a quick key combination, we must do all this: 1. Remove hand from keyboard 2. Place hand on mouse 3. Move mouse pointer to menu 4. Click 5. Find command on menu 6. Click command
  13. Yes, I've learned it's important to log out before switching to an external monitor or back to the built-in display, but haven't seen any other circumstances where it made any difference. I've tried switching to one of the rounded-off scaling values. Unfortunately, 200% makes things too small for me to see clearly, and 300% makes everything ludicrously big. :?( Thanks for the suggestion, though. Are all graphics apps having these difficulties? Even major players's, like Adobe's? Somehow I imagined they'd have the resources to deal with it, considering many of their co
  14. Thanks for pointing out the Preview button! I never would've known, and am not in the habit of hovering over every available icon to see what it does. Re the "Edit Post" legend—I take it you're not actually suggesting we give up trying to make GUIs as sensible and intuitive as possible. The fact remains that it's contradictory for an "Edit Post" button to appear when you're already editing the post. As a GUI consultant, I've seen countless examples where developers have introduced unnecessary ambiguity by "reinventing the wheel" like this. The evolution of
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