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  1. Selecting the radio is the act of resize setting. If the values is correct when you select the radio, the user is not obliged to correct them, to become available OK button.
  2. That's it, that radio work in the way "or". Components of the values of the another radio should not affect the press the OK button when you select current radio. But this is not so. Because the developers forgot to assign a handler to check the values when you click each radio. Here there is a bug in the application. Is it possible to report it to developers?
  3. Paint.Net 4.0.9, procedure to reproduce the bug: 1. Click on 'Image' -> 'Resize...' (or 'Canvas size...') 2. Check radio 'By percentage' 3. Clear value 'percentage' 4. Check radio 'By absolute size'. If values Width and Height has setting, but the button 'OK' is disabled still. It is not logical.
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