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  1. Thanks everyone! Real glad to see people liked it.
  2. My newest picture I just quickly drew it over a period of 6 hours. I didn't intend for it to be a great big super detailed work of art so I didn't make it very big. But its my first ever attempt at drawing a ship. I think it turned out very well for such a small image.
  3. Well the original image size was like 10,000 by 10,000 or something. So auto resizing must have happened somewhere. I would thumbnail it if I knew how.
  4. Oh I thought the forum auto sized it. As it seems to be self adjusting to my computer screen and even my phone screen.
  5. Well photoshop destroyed my thrad in the general area but I figured I should start posting my new stuff in the pictorium anyway. Its been a while since I'vemade anything this here is a picture from an encounter my D&D group had. I realized something here however, theSphere pattern I used for chainmail doesn't pop out enough when the image is this big. In smaller images it works fine as chainmail but I need to figure out something else for the future. Also I am still struggling with too much empty space in the pictures. the empty space bothers me for some reason, like there should be something there. Rest of the images.
  6. Is there a plug in that is like a reverse Bevel Object? That makes things pop in instead of out? You know like uh if you bevel object a circle, it will make it look like a sphere. But if you reverse Bevel Object a circle it will make it look like a depression. And I can't provide a visual example of what I want.
  7. Thank you, Im going to look and try all thesevoptions with my next image.
  8. Could you give me links to 5 of these tutorials that actually helped you? So I dont have to reinvent the wheel. Please? Right now other bevel, all I can do for shading is splotch out roughly shaped black spots, then gaussoon blur them then change the layer transparety.
  9. Does the brush factory work with line tool? My images are too large for the brush tool. The brush stutters. And it will cost my around $1,500 for a computer that can handle that. So thats years away.
  10. Actually I think of the tools I use, I mostly just use gaussion blur, motion blur, crystalize, glass blocks, distort, lighten, liquify, furblur, add noise, render clouds, the gradiant wand and bevel object. I could probably use suggestions for more tools that do different things.
  11. Thanks! What would you suggest as an Alternative to Bevel? It seems to make everything better.
  12. Maybe trial and error? It feels way more extreme than that. Like when I achieve some effect I like. I am literally never able to repeat it. Like there was this one time I did this fire effect I felt was amazing. I have never been able to fully replicate it. It really just feels like button mashing.
  13. I actually just found a good easy way to do grass today. Anyway thank you. Im kind of a just, randomly do stuff until sonething looks right person. Like button mashing in street fighter 2. But Ill try messing with those features more. I just made another picture, could you critique that one? I think I got the contrast better.
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