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  1. Lots of great entries this time around .. Good luck everyone , so happy to see Oma in this one :star:
  2. Looking good , keep it up .
  3. Love the parchment , great job . A tip for Polar Inversion try playing with the nubs and see what you get
  4. Barbie is right you know , everyone has a fair shot at it .. Try out creating abstracts and who knows you just might surprise yourself ..
  5. Would love to see what you come up with for the AOTW
  6. Thanks everyone , yes it was the trail but I know it sucked .. I have to try another piece someday and have a better outcome .
  7. Wonderful .. Great use of the trail plug in ..
  8. Wow that's incredible , knew you could do it no doubt there and the WSC comp is just awesome whoohoo !! :star:
  9. Wow those are great textures , always a pleasure to view your works .. You have many , many wonderful pieces . Some of those textures would make a great layout for a space scene
  10. Thanks Chrisco and barbie , glad you like her .. This one is for you barbie , hope like the puppie Looks a bit like momma
  11. Another amazing piece , well done barbie . Love the mirror and the background is awesome
  12. Thanks barbie , I'm posting my winning fish .. Ha ha , just like fishing .. Anyways there she is >> Thanks to everyone who voted form me .
  13. Wow !! That is awesome , love the texture .. Makes me want to run my hands over it just to feel it , even though I can't ..
  14. Incredible , I need to post my outcome later ... Love this new piece Chad ..
  15. I love it I love bubbles and orbs so much , they amaze me every time I see them .. Thanks so much for creating this , such a treat to see
  16. Wow !! Thanks to all who voted for me Dew for everyone
  17. Thanks Lazlo .. Something new here on page 1 Yellow fractal spool ? Didn't know what to call it ..
  18. Astonishing is an understatement .. Fabulous and stunning great job
  19. Love it , great use with the trail plug in .. Looks amazing .
  20. Love your glossy bars , very magical and glowy .
  21. Very nice , good use of the drop shadow on Merry Christmas ^_^
  22. @ barbie , thank you very much glad you liked it . @ Helen , no worries . I thank you for the sweet comments @ Welshblue , thank you kindly but these were made with brushes .. I'm dabbling a lot with them these days .. But I do use the shape3d a lot as well .
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