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  1. Amazing forest monster and I love what you did with the blue planet , made ever more awesome .
  2. Well I'm glad to hear that because if that person didn't like it then he or she needs to have his or her eyes examined .
  3. Here's my Octopus , no renders or stocks used . 100% PDN
  4. Thanks but I have decided not to use either .. I only hope it qualifies as " Fire "
  5. I was asking about something like clipart ?
  6. @ Welsh , don't know .. I just don't feel like putting them here .. Maybe one day I will .. @ MidgetAlien , thanks .. Cool signature you have there .
  7. Love it , as stated in fans .. You keep blowing me away with your beautiful works :star:
  8. I have a question , was wondering if we could use templates ??
  9. I think he meant the combination of both metal around glass or vice versa . That clears things up a lot , good thing I didn't post an entry .
  10. Gratifying new piece .. :star: simply beautiful
  11. One question if I may ask , can it be either one ? Or does it have to be together ??
  12. Any time .. Will be looking forward in seeing your creations .
  13. I like it , very pretty . Nice piece
  14. Thanks barbie , I agree . j.d melek just start with a few then add more as you go along
  15. Both are amazing in their own right .. Fantastic
  16. Love this one Chad , great job .. Another amazing piece .
  17. @ j.d melek ,Wow !! amazing , you have to put that in your Gallery @ CSM725 , thanks .. I see a Alien
  18. Something , finally .. Let's see how this one goes
  19. That is complicated to create and you've done it so well
  20. Stunningly beautiful , my new favorite piece . You know your works are going to blow away the competition
  21. Great use of the tiles , you know if you played around with the nubs more you can get an even higher grain of tiles .
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