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  1. barbie , barbie .. Girl are you going to steal my thunder ? Ha ha , that is so beautiful .. Good luck with the competition
  2. Hey that's so cool but yeah I wanted to get the ball rolling in hopes that people would start entering .. Good entries thus far
  3. Okay I have temporarily coming out of retirement to enter this one .. Stock used : http://www.dvorak.org/blog/2009/06/11/woman-who-missed-doomed-af-447-flight-killed-in-car-crash/
  4. Hopefully someone will enter , come on guys don't make me come out of retirement
  5. Amethyst is beautiful , the gold is back yay .. I love seeing your gold creations , so amazing . Each piece you put together is incredible . Of course I also love the other two the green dream has a silky feel to it but my favorite is the red blood cells
  6. Those are awesome , great job . I know nothing about those things so it's very interesting to me to see someone create something like that .
  7. You are most welcomed , maybe I should have said 5% pdn because it did have a black background and I did use the magic wand to remove it plus AA's assistant to smooth the sides out .. glad you liked it ..
  8. CSM725 : 3 Weylin :1 I chose CSM because his is incredible for his first render signature .. Congratulations CSM , winner .
  9. Happy Birthday , hope I wasn't too late ?? Here's your gift hope it's to your liking ? It is not PDN made I made it with Type artist software . Okay maybe 1 % pdn I removed the black background
  10. Sweet indeed , sweet as chocolate reminds me of a chocolate bar .. Great job
  11. I really like them they are pretty but a bit too dark , maybe add some glow ? I would really love to seem them better , too nice to hidden in darkness .
  12. Love what you did with those stars , looks cool . The heart is also nice , good start ^_^
  13. Good luck with the competition , looks like we both have skulls .
  14. I like it but what bugs me about it is the half tone colors , it's half gray and half silver .. Make it all silver and give it some shine then it will look like chrome metal ^_^
  15. I like the Haunted House but I would lose the white line flowing across it . Is that a stock photo or is it PDN ?
  16. Good try though , I like the heart . What does it say ?
  17. Thanks CSM , means a lot .. Anyways back to your signature , render you say ? Couldn't tell if it was , you did a great job with this one too . Love the color it looks like it's submerged in some murky waters ..
  18. Good luck with the teaching job .. Wow , broken dreams is lovely and kind of dark I suppose it's dark because of the emotion behind it . No one feels happy when their dreams are broken , been there many times . I really like the border you gave this one , perfect barbie .
  19. Yoda of signatures ? Wow !! What a compliment but I don't deserve that title , my signatures are not that good if it were so I would have won the signature of the week a whole lot faster , took me 11 tries and still I had a three way tie to win not winning it alone .. Love the color of the new signature , blue is one of my favorite colors . I like how the text fades into the blue sort of like fog . And the banner is so cool
  20. Very cool indeed !! Looks like something out of this world .
  21. Wow , it's been much too long janettsue . Love all your latest creations , so beautiful .
  22. Thanks Yellowman but I'm not as creative as you are that is an awesome piece ..
  23. I agree with what j.d and barbie said .. There's hardly any voting going on , makes me pretty sad .. I almost don't want to enter anymore ..
  24. Ape is really cool ^_^ great job I really like first industrial modification I can see someone riding a motorcycle . Hope I'm not too off ..
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