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  1. Wow :shock: :shock: that is so beautiful .. I love everything about it , the background is amazing , the text is mind blowing especially the letters O and M :AddNoise: :AddNoise: fantastic work barbie
  2. Thanks Chrisco , I fixed it .. I was in a hurry , silly me . Finally an improvement to the Darth Maul signature . Ha ha I am trying ^_~
  3. Just a small update here , added new section . Signatures ^_^
  4. Oh I know Oma is going to love it , I know I would .. Such a lovely piece brings warmth and a smile to anyone who see's it . Amazing job Helen . ^_^
  5. :shock: :shock: whoa , those colors are brilliant .. I see now what you mean about backgrounds it makes the piece stand out more than just a plain black one .. I love this one
  6. Brilliant piece , he looks mean . Like the kind of Sheriff you don't want to cross ..
  7. I think Pipp's entry is really nice like pop art ^_^ Good Luck everyone ..
  8. @ Helen , thanks so much . Did it with layering , beveling , shape3d , polar inversion I think that was all . @ Axle , thanks for your comment . I had it in color once , my next piece will be in color .
  9. Your Gallery is one of the nicest around , you have so many wonderful pieces ..
  10. I know I can't believe there's only 3 x_x
  11. Pyro's smudge tool rocks .. Made these creatures with it
  12. Thanks Chrisco , for stopping by ^_^
  13. The first one is pretty , looks like easter ^_^
  14. That's an interesting concept , I can see faces in the background texture ..
  15. I think so maybe for the newbie section ? I would love to try it out , it has so much possibilities
  16. This one turned out to be a good theme , thanks Chrisco :wink: At first I thought oh no , history ? School :x but then well I looked around to search for something that might interest me and I did , the rest is history .. No pun intended
  17. Oh my , I love orbs .. So beautiful , never seen one like those in the dark :AddNoise: great job..
  18. And Mine Stocks used : http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg21 ... ground.jpg http://cache.virtualtourist.com/2500011 ... -Salem.jpg
  19. They are from my era I think I was born in 64 so I knew about Glenn and Diana .. ^_^
  20. Thanks barbie .. Not going to update much just one here and there . Anyways , here's my Alley on Page 1
  21. The backgrounds are very pretty . Love what you've done with the girl , her dress is really nice .
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