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  1. Those are really cute .. Let's see more
  2. @ Barbie , thank you very much . It wasn't one of my best but sometimes things just pop in and out .. My PDN crashed this mourning @ Csm725 , thanks for droppping by ..Glad you liked the messy orbs
  3. Beautiful orbs .. love the glowing of them , great color choice too .
  4. @ j.d hey thanks for stopping by , glad you liked the basket . If I can remember I made it with the checkerboard which I then beveled the squares , shape3d cylinder [ play around with the nubs ] try and keep it flat and not a ball . Use the twist for one end then mirror left to right that should connect the ends together in which will end up a basket . Hope this helps ? @ Helen , thank you sweetie 6_6 will be working on something better soon .
  5. Thanks Possum , means a lot that you found it to be beautiful . So thank you very much
  6. Happy Birthday to a very special person , the one who encouraged me to carry on and made me what I am today . thank you from the bottom of my heart sweetie Hope you have a fantastic day ..
  7. Love the purple one and the Alien is genius dude .. The skull looks awesome scary .. Can't wait to see it finished .
  8. Thanks barbie , well if it's a girl fish sure heehee ^_^ .. I agree there's a lot of great entries and thanks j.d.melek , your ring looks cool and a very interesting concept ^_~ ..
  9. Okay I just entered mine , I hope it qualifies as a fractalized abstract ? If not just disqualify me ha ha ..
  10. Thanks guys but I'm still confused so I don't know ..
  11. Thanks barbie and Chrisco .. :cake:
  12. Something I made with brushes [ the marbles ]
  13. Meh I'm no good at Fractals I thought it was going to be Abstracts in general I do a have a few but would I be able to use something from my archive's ? Or does it have to be freshly made ?
  14. Awesome job Oma , love the pinecones and needles wished they had a scratch and sniff I love the smell of pine . Reminds me of Christmas
  15. Whoa your aotw is mindblowing .. This is going to blow the competition away absolutely stunning
  16. Please come up with something new soon I miss seeing your works
  17. @ chrisco , don't worry I understand .. I do my best and well not everyone will enjoy it and that's why we all have our own opinions . @ Axle , thank you . That sounds so cool @ barbie , thanks sweetie that is so true I am stretching my horizons I always have something in mind , like I want to do something different once in awhile . @ Helen , thank you dear glad you liked it and the glow look came about with Boltbait's enhance details , ha ha .. Give him a cookie
  18. Very well done Axle , great job .. I like the sparkle one ^_^
  19. @ Chrisco , what do you mean the legendary ? This piece is not to your liking ?? I want to be able to create other types of abstracts rather than doing the same stuff over and over it gets pretty stale . @ Welsh , thanks .. Glad you liked it , I know it looks really messy but hey maybe I can come up with something better next time .
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