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  1. The fan is amazing .. Love it , great job . Love the Raccoon too he's too cute
  2. Congrats Welsh !! So what's the next one ?
  3. Thanks j.d , I really wanted to choose a good theme that everyone could enter and thus giving more people an opportunity to vote . Not sure how Chrisco is going to do the polls , maybe have it like Sozo did vote by pm ? If so it would be nice to post the results that way people can see how they did
  4. Awesome new pieces barbie as stated on fans .. I love Dream maker the best
  5. Your Rampage would have made a great entry for the WOTW , that Gorilla looks like a killer .. Good job !
  6. Thanks everyone who voted for me I already Pm'd Chrisco for the next theme ..
  7. Would using the trails plug in count as layers ?
  8. I agree with Welsh on this one , I use Polar Inversion all the time with great success . Nice piece Welsh love the setting for it .. Nothing's cooler than a graveyard
  9. Congrats Sarkut and indeed everyone did a awesome job ..
  10. That's because people always use polar inversion the same way .. You can create so many awesome pieces with it , I use it all the time . You just need to play with the nubs and see what comes up you'll be surprised at what you'll see .
  11. Like the AFI one , looks really nice . The gold tiles is well done .
  12. Great start to your Gallery , love all your signatures .. Hope you stick around and make more
  13. Snake Bite : This is the texture used which is 100% PDN No stocks , made with the hexagrid , clouds , beveled and polar inversion and tube oblique .
  14. Wow , those are very nice .. I really like the first one " Fractalium " looks like a planet .
  15. I like the water side lounge , looks so relaxing ..Good job on it
  16. Thanks Chrisco , hopefully a few more will enter soon
  17. Oh dude , hope you can rectify the situation .. I love all your signatures my new one looks chrome
  18. sokagirl


    Looks great , keep it up
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