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  1. Well , I'm back from the dead and so is my Gallery , finally an update .. Page 1
  2. Love it girl , the rose in it .. Just wow so beautiful
  3. Cool banner ^_^ Looks like a magazine cover .
  4. Nice job with the lightsaber , and the background is of course Tatooine , Anakin and his mother's slave quarters . ^_^
  5. Well , me and Chrisco agreed to a theme but we are waiting for Pipp , if he gives the okay then it's all systems go . Thanks to the ones who did vote for mine .. have a drink on me .
  6. You works are always amazing , I'm in awe every time .. Great job barbie , just might pull out my Gallery soon from the abyss . You inspire me
  7. Cool , but I would have gotten a black one . Are you still working on our collaboration ? It's okay if you want to let it go or maybe try another piece ?
  8. Just wanted to bring it back up since it fell back to page 2 and members might have forgotten to vote .
  9. Well I guess when this happens I'll have to say goodbye to Paint.net .. Sadly unless my ship comes in then I can get Windows 7 if not it's bye bye paint ..
  10. I just can't afford Windows 7 right now :heart-break:
  11. well, hii there super sokagirl :P

    long time no speak


  12. This is very cute , I want to try it ..
  13. Love the change , thank you very much . I put my own picture on my profile , I'm not ashamed
  14. wooo this comments feature is nifty

  15. How about putting them up here instead of linking them to your account ? You have done well with the pleasantville effect I found it really hard to do ties and you did a great job .
  16. Wow those are very nice , why not show them here ? I think you would get more comments this way ? You many nice things and it's a shame to hide it ..
  17. You are so right barbie , it was just a thought but it's okay .. It's either they like it or they don't I won't be worried anymore . I'm happy to cheer you up I'm sure you'll do great with your studies as for the shimmer things well they just come up with a lot of blending and duplicating .. mostly glassy things would do it .. ** Big Hugs ** :wink:
  18. Thanks barbie , guess you were the only one who thought so Anyways new update on Page 1 I call it Shimmer because it looks it
  19. Great job Owl , you have so many wonderful signatures .. I love them all
  20. Oh shucks I was going to start .. Ha ha , just joking .. I saw your entry for WOTW I love it , very creative indeed ..^_^
  21. Thanks barbie , here's my piece for Oma .. I posted this at Fans too I can only hope I wasn't too late . This is the only piece that will be futured here full view
  22. Love it .. The detailing is awesome ^_^ great job
  23. Don't be so quick , you never know who's going to win . You didn't see leonte's entry
  24. Long time no see , good to see you back . Always a pleasure to see your works , love the new piece ^_^ great job with the planet .
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