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  1. I live in northern Sweden and there's quite a lot of moose here and moose-meat is awsome
  2. Thx for the comment. I know the yellow one is pretty simple but thanks anyway
  3. Double post (no comments on last one ) 30/10 Abstract Wallpaper
  4. Congratulations Chrisco and also to Stone and Mayor! Very good sigs
  5. I like it very much the colours (even though its black n white almost ) fits well and the lightsource is good. the text fits the sig very well to imo.
  6. liam: pretty good for a first one could need some blending and better text though keep practising Asylum: same as liam, pretty good for a first but needs some blending and new text maybe a different background to. A logo I just made
  7. Beginner Image Merging (Image Heavy) Did that help?
  8. nice song, cool mix of vocals, nice melodies 8/10 some more dubstep!!
  9. if you already have the background with four faces, you take the bic picture on a layer above the background (i think you should make it black and white to) and then lower the opacity of that layer or pic another blend mode (overlay or screen maybe) hope this helps
  10. good song 7.5/10 vocals are awesome now something different Swedish House Mafia - One (The Prototype remix)
  11. Stone's is really nice and i think that Heat's is a bit too wide and the text is not so good but other that that its good. Stone: 2 Heat Stroke: 0
  12. pretty good, 6.5/10 not a huge fan of the killers... Volbeat - Fallen
  13. nice one bbq. here is one in quite the same style maybe
  14. here is the pic i posted before but didnt show up:
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