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  1. nice one, text is a bit aliased but i still like it
  2. Yay! Finally a gallery to show of your work! You have some really nice sigs here
  3. NIce tutorial,the bricks look awesome EDIT: I just saw that he thread name is wrong: "Sone Texture"
  4. really like it Aguba my latest graffiti in PDN:
  5. newest one is really good, nice with the variations of colours
  6. nice one cortez here is my latest: The render is bad quality i know...
  7. dont know much about pixel art but that looks really cool
  8. awesome remix of an awesome song: 9.5/10
  9. well I can see musiphonix sig either... and i really like cortez sig 3-0 #winner Cortez I'm entering with this:
  10. nice sig, good color on the c4d's and the blurring is good. 8/10
  11. pretty good, maybe not my style but a quite beautiful song neitherless 6.5/10
  12. the text look quite wierd and the "bomb" is also not so nice, although I like the background and its has a nice "layout" (if you know what I mean) 5/10
  13. My Entry: Hidden Content: Stocks:http://www.geomatics.uottawa.ca/copland/AylesIceShelfOffshore30May2006Vincent3.jpg http://fx.worth1000.com/entries/108948/ice-castle
  14. nice loos but i think it has the wrong dimensions... if it would have been like 150x400 or something ing would give it 8.5/10 now its 6/10. RATE THIS: kept the BG from my halo one but with a new render;
  15. nice sigs:) my favourites are the yellowish "Precision" and the spiderman one
  16. cool sig with a nice render and some good text. good blending, 8/10 RATE:
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