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  1. cool render, nice c4d's and good text. Good sig overall 8.5/10
  2. nice tut not too simple and a nice outcome
  3. My vote goes to csm for being really creative and that is an one-of-a-kind sig Chrisco - 2 ai7 - 0 csm725 - 1 Mayor - 0
  4. thanks for the comment about a focal point, edited it and added this:
  5. same as the two above me. ai7 - 3 csm - 0 #winner ai7
  6. maybe not a manipulation/modification but here is one of my own photos which i edited and cave some effects and i think itt looks pretty cool
  7. K, sorry for my comment (i realise I was wrong about the guidelines) just thought it was a very simple effect. No harsh feelings.
  8. i think you should read the tutorial guidlines...
  9. oops sorry forgot about mattz's entry, edited my post.
  10. none of them are great but my vote goes for trekker cuz i assume his is 100% PDN Trekker 1 Mattz 0
  11. there are many type of blur effects under Effects -> Blurs
  12. pretty cool but as your current it just seems like a stock with some effects, still it's good 7/10
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