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  1. i'll enter with this, first sig i made in over a year
  2. New Sig! April 4th 2012. well its been over a year but im taking a class in school that is dealing with digital imaging so i had nothing to do in class one day and came up with this i have one without text to but this was the one i liked more myself, i also added some stuff into my gallery that i did before i left, im going to try and stay a little bit active whenever i have the time!
  3. Hey guys i finally got time to re-install pdn and get my plugins back but dont me TO rough on me its my first sig i made in about 2-3 months im entering with this Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. guess whos back i see cars is a hot topic right now...i like it chrisco: its well blended but i think the lines are sorta meh heat stroke: i like it a lot, nice background and nebula... and its from a game that im excited to get for christmas chrisco:0 heat stroke:1
  5. Has anyone got the new Need For Speed Hot Pursuit i heard its pretty good but i havent managed to get my hands on it yet
  6. heat stroke has an original sig right there you dont see to many that look like that does and mattz its better than your first one but work still needs to be done 3-0 heat stroke #winner heat stroke
  7. chrisco you know i love render sigs and this is my favorite one by you that ive seen ptuz i like it, it would be a tad better (in my opinion) if it wasnt blurred so much 3-0 chrisco #winner Chrisco97 im going to enter with my first sig in a while
  8. stone yours is really nice i like it but i also like chriscos a lot but i like how chrisco blended venom in and chriscos text is a plus too 1-0 chrisco dont worry stone its a good sig, chrisco is just really hard to beat
  9. im not expecting to win but i still like enter but there are A LOT of good entries this week
  10. i no im supposed to post the links to stocks but i used all my stocks and renders from a image/render pack is that alright ???
  11. stone i really like your i have nothing wrong with it it has great colours and is clean heat stroke the text in yours would be good in anything but a sig but it has some nice colour... imo stone:3 heat stroke:0 #winner Stone85 im gunna enter with this i havent made a render sig in a while
  12. i dont expect to win with this but i'll try(i know its not my best)
  13. yeah the last two lines some people see differently it all depends i guess
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