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  1. 24 hours gone long time ago show me your shoes.
  2. ^ has 123 posts at the time of writing this < wishes Sfifer good luck v likes football (NOT american)
  3. 3-0 stone's is pretty cool, psy's is just too noisy. #winner Stone85 im entering with this:
  4. ptuZ

    I made this

    no i mean its to big to be posted on this forum, there is a max limit of 800pixels wide or tall
  5. ptuZ

    I made this

    pretty cool but i think its oversized
  6. maybe he has 4 lamps? nice tut btw
  7. As we all know FIFA is so much better then PES, this is just another proof!
  8. Long time since I posted a new one havent really had time for any working in PDN in the last two months but here it is!
  9. Not my style but i guess its pretty good anyway 7/10 Daft Punk - HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER (Alive 2007)
  10. have to go with csm, n d: 1 MMS: 3 #winner, MMS Im entering with this one:
  11. same as chrisco, and I really like pdnnoob's. PDNNoob: 2 Timmons106: 0
  12. ptuZ

    mero's gallery

    cool, you made the shoe to or is it a stock?
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