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  1. that was a tough choice. i voted for yellowman, but i really loved barbieq's and heat stroke's entries. all of them were great really!
  2. I love the spider and the reflection underneath. Great work! This is some really neat stuff.
  3. Looks pretty cool but I'm not usually a fan of transparent pixel sigs because they are normally boring, Though it looks like you have to be very talented to make that. 9/10
  4. But your sig still looks nice. Sorry, had too.
  5. quoted for truth. great job Barbieq
  6. i agree. what do you want to do, chrisco? if you don't want to do the text sigs, i really don't care what we do.
  7. well, i think we should use c4ds and nebulas, that i'd like more
  8. as for an idea for a topic, how about we make a sig with text as the main focus? like, you have to use your username as your main focus, but it can be open ended so that you can add what ever else, like nebulas, c4ds, fractals, stocks, or you could make it 100% pdn and go for a 3D look.
  9. surprised i tied for first! great job everyone!
  10. very simple, yet it still looks pretty good. i don't like the splatters, but i like how the lines go through the text. good job! heat stroke... AMAZING! How do you do it? Very clever to put the text on top of the spoiler, I usually have a tough time with text on car sigs.
  11. the votings over, i won, better luck next time everyone.
  12. They do? Sweet! On the actual render he was wearing all blue (I think it was blue) and I changed it to purple with the eraser and hue/saturation. I think it's missing something. Rate Chrisco
  13. it's ok. I don't think that the colors match very well. the text is a tad plain. try some g-maps. It would be a lot better if the colors went better together.
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