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  1. 8/10 like the cartoonish feel @tophatslash sure ill pm you some tips on the first one unfortunately about the second one the guy who i made it for likes his text like that so got to please the guy who asks for it
  2. im using firefox but no animation so ill rate the still ill give it 8/10 im sure if i saw animation it would be 10/10 rate these:
  3. 9/10 like the explosion on earth and the hud which is 3d well i got the stocks off of planet renders so i dont no
  4. i was wondering if i should make a tutorial on how to make these images and if anyone thinks of asking they are 100% PDN so any suggestions or if you think i should write a tutorial would be greatly appreciated
  5. yeah 100% pdn just took me a week to figure out how to make it :wink: 9/10 great use of brush and depth where did you get the brushes? if i write a tutorial then you should 8)
  6. loks really cool but im having trouble downloading this i have it downloaded to my effects folder and restarted paint.net but it wont work help! :shock:
  7. exactly tim hortons has gone out of business
  8. ok this is how this game works get me a sandwich sorry i already got it so ok lets start get me an apple pie
  9. very nice i give it a 8/10 its great but a lot of people as of late have been using popular movies for their signatures and the background looks a little to plain to me rate these:
  10. 8/10 i love mortal combat thats where the renders from right and the background is very cool
  11. ok so here are a few images ive made recently heres a few i made for someone else on a different forum those were pretty much my first few i have made some constructive criticism please
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