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  1. very nice gel button. id give it a 9/10 looks very professional. just maybe make it to go along with your sig. i dunno =) LEGEND.
  2. Elite overide. good sig i like the colours. ill give yours a 9/10 looks like it would take some time to create aswell.
  3. 8/10 quite cool. id u use a sprite or draw??? just looks abit pixely. nice background aswell =).
  4. i like beef meatballs with lots of sweet chilli and marinara sauce over them. i really dont know why. Ive heard that you can get them in Subway.... not to sure tho. =)
  5. when you get annoyed in art class and start screaming where is the effects tab. I CANT WORK WITHOUT EFFECTS!.
  6. very good helen. 11/10 backgrounds cool. like the text effect. the colours go together. a good sig. hope to see more from you =) LEGEND.
  7. 10/10 cant find anything wrong with your sig. text isn't big enough to take eyes away from the main picture but still big enough to read. like the colour on the trails aswell. gives a good element of speed. Rate this- Thanks LEGEND.
  8. my commiseration. say why dont we all create a sig wishing him goodbye. i think he would want that. sorry again LEGEND
  9. absoultuly correct goonfella. but ur sigs poo whoever made it done a very bad job of it 1/10. you know why :wink:
  10. 8/ 10 looks abit cartoony. dont know if its meant to be. if so then 9.5/10 Rate this- LEGEND.
  11. this is a good tut grandmother. hope my germans good lol. heres my result. couldnt be bothered doing my own version. too late here
  12. that it. no one else got any suggestions. there DOSENT have to be a number anymore =)
  13. 8/10 looks like something from nsp carbon or something. -1 for the box. looks abit out of place and another -1 as i dont like the colours. soz im picky. rate both my sigs plz in a format like first sig- second sig-
  14. try making a solar system. or any space scape. or even a close up of the sun. hope this helped ur inspiration LEGEND.
  15. "more people are killed by vending machines a year than shark attacks" Id just like to know how can someone die from a vending machine. if they die from the sweets (candy) from the vending machine does that still count?
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