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  1. I think its a lil of both...I use a program called the previewer, its software made by a 3D chat site I goof off at, its not the greatest software (the chat client is still beta actually). I try to do my best with it, some results are more favorable then others. The previewer uses a 64x128, 128x256, 256x512 rule when it renders textures and I try to stay within those rules whenever possible, then there are the actual meshers who make the meshes and UV texture maps that I'm sure play a part in it and how things render. My biggest challenge often is opacity maps, its really hard to make clean lines in PDN especially if there are angles and curves, however, PDN is the program I use for my opacitys (if fact I'm mkaking a map as we speak in PDN).
  2. Sorry about that, I read the picture forum rules and didnt see anything on that so I thought it would be cool. Yes, although I do use other programs about 80% of my work is done in PDN. Usually I use gimp for really precise light/dark shading, usuallt airbrushing by hand and photoshop for lighting effects, like flares and stuff...but most of or the base of the texture is/are done in PDN. Most of this stuff I posted though was done almost excusivly in PDN.
  3. Oh yeah, by the way, you can see almost all of my work here http://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php ... _id=471263
  4. I thought I would share some of my work, I have hundreds of photos but I will post a few. I do texture work and texture 3D models, I'm not very good at it and not very good with paint programs in general...so hopefully you wont be to hard on me But anyway, without further adieu and dribbly comentary. Soda machine Piano Letterman coat Shelby cobra car Guitar Snakeskin outfit Rat rod Some tattoos I have in real life. My banners One of my heros - now be nice or I'll have to blast a cap with my heater
  5. Thanks, it worked. And your right, its not always precise and tends to remove some parts that shouldnt be removed like the white part of the shoes pictured below. other paint program paint.net
  6. Ok, to start with I'm not very good with paint programs, and I have a few (Gimp, PSP, PScs3, Real Draw Pro) and I use them all for various things because I cant always do all things in one program (what a hassle huh?), one of things I do in gimp thats quite easy is making transparent backgrounds. Generally I start off with an image thats has a solid color background (look at my avitar pic - the background used to be solid white) I add an alpha channel and with the selection tool in Gimp just click on the white portion of the background, and it selects the background around the picture and on the edit menu I click clear and viola, I have a picture with a transparent background. Paint.net seems a bit harder to do this though and I havent been able to figure it out how to do it yet, but I heard its possible and quite east in fact. How do I do it? Also, is there a plugin or something that allows you to add lighting effects to a photo and tweak the effect and move it around a lot like in Photoshop. If I could do just these two things in paint.net I almost wouldnt have to open any of my other paint programs.
  7. Thanks got it. Ansd I have that other guys plugins but what he posted must be an updated version because I dont have a bevel tool...anyway, I got the download in this thread, guess I'll go install it and see what happens.
  8. Use the source code on the 1st post and put it in codelab, then build you own dll. Are you serious, I'm retarded when it comes to that stuff, heck, I'm retarded when it comes to most paint programs, but I use paint.net most of the time because its easyer then Gimp, PSP, Photoshop, Real Draw Pro (all of which I have). Can someone just post a link please, I'm not very good at digging through forum pages or locating the right plug-in, half the time I end up downloading the wrong one. [EDIT] Ok I found the thread I think...I think I have all those plugsins already, but how to you make a bevel?
  9. I cant download the plugin, I get some error page saying forbidden or somethinng.
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