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  1. Yep.... areguebly the best game I have ever played And yeah I wanted zelos to have like retro, something.....:S Didnt know if it worked. But I have improved the zelos one a bit. And I made a Final fantasy one for a mate. I'll put it up later
  2. Well I tried to improve on the rain one, And I made this. How can I make it into a londer animation???
  3. Well just added one more, what do you think??? I will work on it a lot to get it up to standard. But is it ok???
  4. Erm.. Do you mean advertising by referering to the magazine cover?:S I just wanted some one to make something like it. I just like that cover. I have nothing to do with that site Erm....... is that allowed or will I have to erase that logo at the top :S
  5. Hey I was wondering if anyone could make me a simple but stylish magazine front cover and template. The main colours would be blue and white. And space at the top for a logo. (Put your own up if you want, nintendo theme please) And space in the middle for the articles. Could you please make something like this: Thanks.
  6. Just added another one, I know it is probably my worst one
  7. Hey thanks a lot guys Yes I am new here, but intend to stay. So the bottom one, is there anything at all that I could do to improve it Anything at all??? I need to win the comp lol
  8. Hey I have just done another one for a pokemon themed competition. Tell me what you think
  9. Cheers, yeah even though renders can give really good effects it does get a bit bland and repetitive after a while. But for the middle two I have only used the pic then the rest was mine. No abstract renders I will get some new ones to you, but school starts tomorow so...
  10. Ollie's Gallery Being made now. Welcome to my Gallery, I have used this site for a few weeks now for sig knowledge and pulgins etc. So I have decided to make my own gallery to show what I have learnt from this site. They are mainly gaming sigs because I make them for my own site, so please dont citisise them due to their subject matter. Enjoy, comment and please tell me how to improve generally or on any specific image. Thank you Signatures Tales of Symphonia: Old New Just a test run: Pokemon: Other: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ End Will be updated soon
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