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  1. I like how the signature details where feline body parts are placed. 9/10
  2. Thanks guys! I'll take these into consideration when I create some more images!
  3. Here's my try at it.. I changed it up a bit of course =P Great tutorial; very easy to follow!
  4. Hello, I'm pretty new to this PDN stuff. I've been working with it for about 3 days as of today. There is a game that I play, and most of these images are for it. These are the only images that I've created so far using PDN. Thanks for the awesome program, plugins, and tutorials guys! Here's the first image I created from a tutorial (don't remember which one, sorry) and I tweaked it a little bit. Here's my Signature that I created. Here's an image I created from the "Eye Tutorial." Amazing tutorial! The rest of the images are for the game that I play online.
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