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  1. nice sigs. . I really like the tony halk one Keep up the great work
  2. Your on a forum for digital graphic editing, and you use photobucket??? was on a friends laptop w/o paint.net downloaded at the time..
  3. I like the color scheme and effect used , is it done, with the weave plugin ?? I'll rate it 8.5 / 10
  4. Cool textures.. I will have to try that
  5. Great Sigs I loved your tut. for the zexion style sig. Gave me a few tips and helped a lot Thnx
  6. The new ones are all awesome ,but i like your sig. that you're currently using the best.
  7. Nice start I really like the 5th abstract, it's amazing what ya can come with just messing around on PDN I do that a lot too.
  8. My Reflection and Me .. Effect added on Photobucket
  9. My Newest sig. creation for the Technology Sig of the week competition.
  10. My first time entry.. Military Technology Stocks Soldier : http://www.rangermade.us/graphics/2020prototype.jpg Background scene : http://www.rangermade.us/graphics/clip_image008.jpg
  11. http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=26262 my gallery address
  12. Great work.. I really like your abstracts and the cards are awesome.. It would look really sweet if you could make it seem more like you were looking at your cards and across the table at an oponent in the background..
  13. I had a lot of fun with this Thanx for the great , easy to follow tutorial.. !! Here's what i came up with
  14. Not to certain what it is. :? . But it looks pretty cool 8/10 rate
  15. Here is my Av. For you Pipp.. Hope ya like ne one want to have a swing at mine.. here is the orig. render that i used
  16. I have updated with some new stuff and I think that I am making progress, but i'm addicted to making siggies.. Will try to work on something else soon.. :? I have been preoccupied lately trying to figure out Cinema 4D to make some sweet renders to work with on paint.net Also considering creating an account Devient Art But not to sure yet.. Well i have had a lot of visits to my Gallery but not to many comments .. So feel free to coment and give me some constructive critism or tips. :idea:
  17. just came across this tut. and it's been a big help .. thankx Mine isn't the greatest but I learned a lot and that's what is important.
  18. just came across this tut. and it's been a big help .. thankx Mine isn't the greatest but I learned a lot and that's what is important.
  19. I like your new stuff, and your sig is awesome. Keep it up
  20. You have some really sweet looking stuff here.. i really like all of your abstracts especially the second one. :shock: amazing work !!
  21. yeah i was thinking the same thing accually .. I am working on a new one so it's all been a work in progress for me.. Glad that you all have liked my work so far and I am still learning so i will have more to post soon.
  22. You have some really lovely work here Janett , and I esspecially love the children playing on the flowers.. It is so whimsical and fun!! Your abstracts are really amazing as well , they almost remind me of beautiful patchwork quilts and oriental rugs.. Well keep it up and i will look foward to seeing your latest masterpeices
  23. You've done some great work here .. i really like your latest one too.!
  24. I really like the new sig.. It would be really cool if there were a way that you could give his fist a 3d like effect that would make it look as though it is coming out of the picture.. I'm not to sure how you could do this and it looks great as it is .. but just a suggestion.
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