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  1. Alright, I got a new one, the stupid resizing took out all the shiny stuff though >.>
  2. I'm really blown away by all of your sigs, I dont get how everyone makes all these awesome effects...they look so amazing
  3. ill be dead honest...I cant even remember 100% the first one, is actually modified from the second one, but what I do remember....is that I started off by using splashes ( I dont remember the settings) then I applied the splinter blur, and set the mode to darken, I know I used a slight polar inversion to get the pinch/circle effect in the middle, but I also duplicated a lot of layers....and then changed the layer properties to darken or lighten them...i wish I could remember all the steps >.< id love to finally post a tutorial...
  4. Ok, two new ones (they are the same but I couldnt decide what colors i liked better)
  5. hmmm, never learned how to use those, lol. however, I'll just shrink em real quick and upload them again . Then I need to find something else to make...I think that KH wallpaper I posted before needs a LOT of work, lol
  6. ahh as I figured, whats the size need to be (im sure that its posted somewhere but im lazy) and and and, its naruto, lol...I dont like the show very much
  7. I know...I'm ashamed that I used naruto..., but it was a request >.< Anywho...its good to be back, feels like waaaaaaay to lng since ive been here if the image sizes are too big, just let me know...ill shrink dem **Re-sized the images**
  8. lol, yeah I know...I kinda closed that old photbucket account and thank you =)))
  9. nope, no glow either....I used outline object when I made the lines...to give them a glow effect
  10. nope, no polar at all I used water reflection also, I made a new pic
  11. I'm not very good with pDn...but I try dang it, lol I don't really like all the excess stuff...just the basics
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