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  1. Here is an original I made up: Germ-X kills 99.9% of germs. Chuck Norris kills 100% of all living things. Another one with an explicit warning: Hidden Content: EDIT: Um... no.
  2. 1) Crimson 2) Blooper 3) Kemaru 4) R3V3NGE 5) Pipp92 6) JJgunz 7) TopHATslash 8) Helio 9) cazaron 10) Zwicky 11) Wolverine 12) ShK_828 13) Doctor 14) Flow55 15) jake2k 16) Stephan good luck konartist
  3. And guys, remember, since we only have 16 people competing instead of 32, we cut down an entire round of the tourney... so just consider this compensenation
  4. Yeah, sorry if I was late I thought that I still had today to turn it in. I just PM'd you with my submission though.
  5. Cool, glad to see thing is happening A few things tho: 1. What was the final verdict on using previously made tags? 2. Is too late to establish a panel of 5 or so judges, so that the number of vote cast stays static and the voting in general stays consistent? I'm sure you could find 5 interested members around the forum somewhere.
  6. Yeah, I remember Forsaken and WolfganG (He is on the Justice League, right?) from GR... anyway I did a ton of tag battles and used a PSD converter to sell all my tags on GR so I could buy a steam account with only credits, then I quit. Here is some of my stuff from then tho: ^ no C4D Not gonna show all my stuff, but there is a lot more :wink: I made all those before all those great tools like smudge and the brush plugin came out too.
  7. Awesome tag, def the kind of quality you see out of the typical photoshop users on gamerenders and stuff. I would current it :wink:
  8. I say yes for a few main reasons: 1. It is sig designer of the year, so things by that artist previously in the year should be able to help them win. 2. Some people may not be able to pump out tags as quickly as needed due to their tight schedules. 3. If everyone can do it, then everyone benefits equally. Also, only yes under the conditions: 1. You can't repeat the use of a tag. 2. They are still able to meet the criteria stated for submitting a tag. Theres my input ^_^
  9. 1. 8/10 background fits in well... the problem is is that you have the render just blurring in probably from the smudge tool... try adding some more c4d effect in the foreground infront of him to make him seem like he is more in the picture 2. 7/10 could use some more effect, looks pretty simple too me overall: great work keep at it man I like your stuff especially because I play soccer too
  10. What do you mean, you 'brush' around with the smudge brushes? You can't download brushes for PDN last time I checked.
  11. For those of you whom may need it, I just wrote this really quickly on how to open a render:
  12. For those of you whom may need it, I just wrote this really quickly on how to open a render:
  13. Nice result, however try going for a smaller size. Nice job tho
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