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  1. Yeah, I remember Forsaken and WolfganG (He is on the Justice League, right?) from GR... anyway I did a ton of tag battles and used a PSD converter to sell all my tags on GR so I could buy a steam account with only credits, then I quit. Here is some of my stuff from then tho: ^ no C4D Not gonna show all my stuff, but there is a lot more :wink: I made all those before all those great tools like smudge and the brush plugin came out too.
  2. Awesome tag, def the kind of quality you see out of the typical photoshop users on gamerenders and stuff. I would current it :wink:
  3. Really cool tutorial, trying it out now
  4. Just DLed Paint.NET v3.0 (The l33test freeware ever, btw) and went right to this tutorial I decided to use potato cells instead of dry mud. I also used about 15 layers, but by the time I was done it looked similiar to the outcome with the dry mud anyway :?
  5. This is a brilliant effect, amazing.
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