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  1. there is your problem, 'tis part of a package! Here it is!
  2. ^writes many plugins v agrees that manically is an excellent word?
  3. Indeed they are sort of like extra features. Users write them, and then post them to the forum. With plugins, you can do many more things with Paint.NET. The plugins will appear in either the effects or adjustments menu, in the same place as the effects and adjustments that come with the program. You can find the plugins forums, where you can download plugins, by going to the index page, and going to the plugins-publishing only forum. Hope this helps.
  4. indeed there is a way to do both these things. The text can be erased and replaced with different text simply by using the clone tool. The color of the cross can also be changed. You will want to render it, and then look into either curves, hue/saturation, or conditional saturation. Conditional saturation is a plugin that can be found by searching. Hope this helps.
  5. indeed. What you want is Pyrochild's outline object plugin, found here.
  6. ^has to admit that blowing stuff up sounds like fun. v also likes their bathroom sans shrapnel
  7. ReptiGuy: I don't know, something rounded and sans serif, most likely, to match the style. I'm not exactly the best candidate to give you a matching font, though. :? MegaNight: look at the dropdown list under the downloader. I think your screen size should be there. Perhaps the planet in the background could be either made brighter or darker, as right now it's at an uncomfortable middle that directs the eye to where the portal and the planet overlap.
  8. Thanks! I had help, though. Hmmm. dramatic lighting that really draws attention to the focal point, but the eye just stays there, doesn't really move, though. I'm not sure if this is good or a bad thing with sigs...
  9. duplicate your bottom layer, and fill the bottom with white instead. Don't fill the top with anything. Invert colors (control-shift-I) use curves+, set on advanced with luminosity->alpha. use curves+ again, this time set to luminosity, and set a straight line across the top of the box. This should make all of your pixels pure white. Hope this helps.
  10. You will want the lens plugin. Search for it under plugins, if you don't have it. Open your picture, and select the line tool. with the line tool, draw from the top left corner to the bottom right corner on you image. While you are doing this, keep an eye on the left side of the status bar on the bottom of your window. This will tell you how ong your line is. Memorize or write this length down. Press control-Z, to undo the line you just made. You don't want it in the middle of your picture. go to Image>canvas size, or press control-shift-R. Set the image dimensions to the value you wrote down, for both height and width. Set the little image icon to the center of its grid. Use the lens effect to get the amount of fisheye you want. go back to Image>canvas size, and reset to your image's original dimensions. Hope this helps.
  11. you spelled it pretty well with your elbow, only one letter off.
  12. the color and bright value of the buttons really attract the eye to them. I didn't notice this before, and I don't know if I'm seeing things where there aren't any, but you can sort of see a blocky outline right next to the starfield, though, where the stars get closer together to form a suspiciously geometric pattern. :?
  13. it doesn't matter how much you use the fractal, your work still looks unique and original I concur. Perhaps the fractal will eventually become synonymous with your work. hmmmm...
  14. the top one looks sort of like Mark Bagley's work to me. :? I like the blurring and the unifying color scheme on both.
  15. I have a medium bamboo fun. They are indeed lots of fun.
  16. I have no idea. But I might get a wooden model hand to draw. Might. I will also probably get money and a few books, like Brisingr.
  17. either go to window>layers at the top of your screen in the toolbar, or press F7. F1 offers many handy tips like this. :wink: Hope this helps.
  18. like this? I actually used the shine from the one in my gallery, with some curves+, to concentrate the shine, so it wouldn't seem like just ambient light. *actually, so have I. heh.
  19. try right clicking instead of left clicking when you're using the gradient, or right clicking on one of the handles once your gradient is drawn. Alternatively, you could make both your primary and secondary colors have 0 alpha. hope this helps!
  20. Thank you! I always had troubles printing strangely sized pics, had to go to MSPaint.
  21. I really like the vineyard signature. It looks so...painted.
  22. Thanks! is this better? I: moved the view to get more of the planets, and added some distant hills. I blurred them a bit to add some depth of field, and made one sort of transparent. I also redid the gradient so it didn't end suddenly.