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  1. my finals are done! for this year at least. *sigh*
  2. * is jealous* It looked like snow, then it cleared up, then we had a wind storm, then that cleared up, and I have no idea what it's like now. It could be snowing for all I know.
  3. thanks! 'tis good to be back! I've got finals now, but soon I shall have a new piece all done. (it will not, however, be in the obsessed-with-detail style of a 1px brush painting.) NEW: HaHa! shiny new piece! EDIT: I was looking for a comic book-y feel to it. I have just two problems with it: the overall rather plain area in the form shadow of the tree, and the rather flat texture of the ripples. I think I shall fix that now... EDIT: fixed!
  4. It isn't on whatthefont. and the top results on google turn up nothing. It looks sort of western, though, so I guess you could download a western font and once you had the basic outline of the text, you could go back and edit it. Just a suggestion.
  5. wow. It look likes snow where I am, but who knows?
  6. @ kemaru: perhaps you should add clouds to the earth? If you're going for realism that could help. I really like the starry background and the galaxy you put at the top. @tHs: maybe some more stuff on the sides? it looks sort of empty there.
  7. the palette I use to paint grass: the palette I use to paint gray stone: the palette I use to paint tree trunks: a sepia-toned palette: and an all-values vivid electric blue pallet: and there are all of my useful to semi-useful pallets. My pallets that I use for painting typically have a section with the range of colors with complete opacity, and another with half opacity.
  8. quite possibly the day all of my friends threw me a surprise 16th birthday party during lunch at school, complete with cake, and a card and a present. I couldn't stop smiling for about 4 hours afterward.
  9. try selecting the background color of the image as the primary color and the text as the secondary color. then select the area exactly around the text and prees backspace. create a new layer, press X to switch primary and secondary colors, and then type the text in and place on the image. The text looks sort of like bold italic arial with underline, though here is a website that finds fonts in images.
  10. I can't see that ending well. ...when you start quoting the forums in real life.
  11. try moving each image to a different layer, and then changing the opacity of each of the top 3 layers. hope this helps!
  12. here, try this tutorial. It shows the basics of colorizing black and white photos using the overlay blending mode, and by making the irises black and white, you could color the eyes using the method outlined in the tutorial.
  13. :? :?: greenland may have been green at one point, but it hasn't been green anytime recently. are environmental issues in Greenland. In order for them to have a 'traditional' way of life that has largely to do with living off the sea, they must have a past that required them to do the same. Note the absence of farming from the traditional way of life. Most other cultures worldwide developed farming. That the Inuit did not implies that they could not, likely because Greenland was encased in ice at that time. As for your other point, on it snowing in Texas, I recall that there was speculation about the weather pattern called "El Nino," a temperature increase over a long period of time in the pacific waters being behind the repeat massive snowstorms on the prairies in 2006-7. Might a similar but smaller temperature fluctuation be causing the strange weather in your state- if anything?
  14. My reccomendation would be just making a new layer,and using the line tool over the various parts that you want to be on the t-shirt. The blurred line could be made with a blur effect on a line, and a rugged line could be created by using the jitter plugin (search plugins if you don't have it) on a preexisting line. You might want to fade your original picture a bit before you start work on you design, though, so you can more clearly see what you are doing. hope this helps
  15. I found out what I was doing wrong in my math homework, and how to fix it. And then, I started finding out what was the matter with a presentation I did in English, and I'm in the process of fixing that!
  16. alternatively, you could try this tutorial on faking an airbrush here hope this helps
  17. try going to effects->blurs->gaussian blur (or any other blur for that matter. Experiment and see which is best!) nubs are the little glowy dots that you get when drawing a line or gradient. It's used like a handle, controlling where parts of an element go. for instance, with gradients, the nubs are where the gradient starts and ends. pressing F1 will get you a web page full of neat little factoids like this. They're full of useful information, especially to a beginning user (I know they were helpful to me!) hope this helps.
  18. Perhaps you could copy the shape you want the gradient to be, turn the copied shape black, put it on a white background, gaussian blur it on a high setting, and use gradient mapping. hope this helps
  19. :shock: wow...how many shiny orbs/ other ornaments did that break? (i'm too lazy to look up their real name. If they have one.)
  20. :PolarInversion: question or answer?
  21. bumping is posting more than one time in a row for the sole purpose of attracting attention to your thread. On this forum, a bump is only allowed once, after 24 hours. :wink: The rules have all sorts of handy factoids like that that will help threads from getting locked. As for your scan lines, I would suggest rotating your picture positive or negative 45 degrees before running scan lines to achieve a diagonal effect. After running scan lines, just rotate you picture back and you're set! hope this helps.
  22. Thanks! and now that I look at it, the faces are inproportionate. :?