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  1. put one in a layer on top of the other in a single picture. From here, you can do two things I can think of off the top of my head. 1.erase the part of the top picture that is not in focus or 2. Use the clone tool, with the source set to the bottom layer(press control while clicking to set the source, and make sure the right layer is selected) to draw on the top layer. Hope this helps
  2. I will likely vote for you in that category as well.
  3. I believe in the top part of the dialogue, there are options to include the sides and top and bottom in the rendering of the shape. Simply uncheck the option to include the top and the top should dissapear, rendering an open box. Is this what you mean?
  4. try getting the drop shadow plugin, and then instead of having the shadow below the e, try putting the shadow about 5 px above the original image, and about 3 px to the left. If you do not have the drop shadow plugin, then you can find it by searching. Does this help?
  5. you have to use an external animated .gif maker, like Unfreez. But you can create the frames in PDN I believe there is a tutorial in the tutorials section.
  6. After going through a sulking period after losing my copy of Photoshop CS2, I decided to find an alternative to Photoshop. I'm not sure why I didn't choose GIMP, but I didn't, and wound up downloading this, playing around, and eventually made a picture of some bricks, which I was so proud of I had to show it off... Which is how I came to be here.
  7. I view the post, then click board index. Or view forum last visited. I never go to the forum after viewing the post, though.
  8. ^ Guess to the first one: Hidden Content: [reason]guess at the first riddle[/reason] kill all of the crocodiles? If the river does not end, and it is populated heavily with crocodiles, then they probably are not endangered. If it is only sparsely populated or not populated by crocodiles elsewhere, cross there. Or am I overthinking this? I probably am. I know the answer to the second one! Hidden Content: [reason]the answer to the second riddle[/reason]A human being. We crawl, then walk, then use a cane to walk.
  9. as a matter of fact, your problem was you simply didn;t look under the right name. Here is the tutorial you want. Hope this helps
  10. hmmm. This could get interesting! We could figure out where people say 'less than' or 'smaller than,' and speculate about why that is!
  11. I hope that is a riddle. I've never been very good at them, but... Hidden Content: [reason]my guess[/reason]I <3 you I say less than.
  12. it is. I'm not sure where I picked it up, though. 'Tis ever so much fun to type!
  13. indeed it does. You can use the lasso tool :LassoTool: to select around the person, and then feather('tis a plugin, search to find.) the border. Or you could follow this tutorial for a smoother edge. Hope this helps. EDIT: ninja'd!
  14. that is indeed a good idea. Some plugin authors do put down the basics of their plugins when they post them, though. As for clicking on thumbnails, [url=your bigger picture's address here][img=your thumbnail's image address here][/url]
  15. I like the shape of your sig, bt it could use a little more emphasis on the center orb. 7/10
  16. haHA! I solved the problem of having my computer deal with a large canvas by cutting out the part I wanted to smudge. Without further ado, here it is. I also did not delete the previous version, so comparisons can be made.
  17. Yay! an additional tutorial of a good sig! Soon I shall decipher the entire good sig code! *laughs*
  18. I just had an epiphany! In general, a good sig needs one very prominent focal point, and if there are others, they need to be far less noticable! *laughs maniacally*
  19. is this what you are talking about? if so, then yes. The text tool can be used atop photos, but cannot be edited later on.
  20. Smudging just may crash my dell dimension 4400, though. So I'll try it, then! :twisted: I actually just deleted the older version and gave the newer version the same URL.
  21. that is a bit unclear. Here, let me try again. make a new layer, and fill it with solid black. Put this layer on top of all of your other layers. duplicate the layer where the shape of your button is. Also make sure that your shape is solid black, as well. Place this shape above all of the layers, including the one in the previous step. draw your line that marks the edge of the shine while you still have the top shape layer selected, and fill the shape with white. It should not fill up the transparent corners of the shape as well. If it does, set to a lower tolerance. merge the shape layer down on the black layer(the first layer you just made) run curves+ on advanced with luminosity input and alpha output. Keep the line running from lower left corner to upper right corner. run curves+again, this time on luminosity instead of advanced, and make the line in the dialogue box run from top left to top right corner. This should make all of your pixels white, whereas before the ones which originally had low luminosity kept their luminosity, they just became less opaque. was I more clear this time?