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  1. FAZAM!! The tooth fairy is now retired, but is replaced by a much more proactive fairy. Who carries a wrench. I wish my utility Jacket had deeper pockets on the outside, as well.
  2. ^ ice cream! < not looking forward to Christmas very much, but still a little. v does not have blue skies where they are.
  3. you get better at art, but only through practice. And you end up needing to practice so much that you can no longer sleep, or eat.... I wish my utility Jacket had three pockets on the inside, instead of only one.
  4. ZizOiz


    you could have asked this in your own thread, as the pictorium is only supposed to contain one thread per user, but... it looks like you're trying to post pictures off your computer without uploading them to the internet. Obtain a Photobucket or Imageshack account and upload your pictures onto their sites from there. Copy the url of your pictures and use that as the image location. Alternatively, look at this.
  5. ^aye aye, captain! v looks like a white Christmas? doesn't where I am. A few bits of snow on the ground, weeks old, and a blue sky.
  6. the text in thy christmas sig looks sort of like candy canes in wrappers, the way you applied the shines to them. Wonderful work, as always.
  7. You might want to look at the tutorials section for text effects. While there are no tutorials doing exactly what you want, you could do all of them and/or modify them to suit your needs. This one looks like it might help you most, though.
  8. I really like your second abstract, your first wallpaper and your second uncategorized images, especially the wallpaper and the uncategorized images as they use color to draw attention to one part of the image. The last, especially looks like a prism.
  9. I would reccomend simply choosing two colors, a light an a dark, for every part of the picture, and going over the picture with the brush tool, and later resizing. There may be an easier way of doing this, but this is the simplest I could come up with. To come up with your colors, simply use the eyedropper tool on an average pixel for an area. Hope this helps.
  10. ^ is correct < is plagued by faux mental problems that are all in her head. Wait... v does not think they are crazy.
  11. I really like the double ribbon around the present. (and of course the wrapping paper) I wish I could tie a present with a double ribbon. That would be lots of fun. And then maybe using three or nineteen. Nineteen... that would just be mean, since you'd have to slide each individual ribbon off before you could open the present.
  12. ZizOiz


    Certainly. The tutorial there will go over the basic functions of Paint.NET, including blend modes if you go to Layers at the top of the tutorial, then go to Layer properties.
  13. I really like the flow of the piece, and the color scheme ties it together. Your Christmas ornaments I like.
  14. ZizOiz


    I like the way the purple tint of the picture unifies it. Are hose rose petals falling on her? As for your photo manips, I like the second one. The cards are sort of half there, though. I would recommend blend modes if that wasn't your intention.
  15. Welcome to the forums, Noogai131! Make sure to read the rules.... excellent work for your first time using Paint.NET, I hope to see you continue to post here and grow.
  16. Wow...Incredible glass on the last page, and in your on the fifth day of christmas piece, the rings look exactly the right color for what I imagine gold to be like.
  17. I really like your second sig- the hexagrid is used very well in it. And your spaceship is most excellent.
  18. Monkeys! not another double post! :o Thank you very much! ... profound, but so true. I liked the 1st version better, but either one is a testament to your pdn skills. Nice work Thank you! here be my submission to the holiday card contest. I be quite proud of it!
  19. ^Never! Ahahahahahaahaaaaaaa!! < is staying up until she finishes her card, while the normally sort of apt filter between her brain and fingers slowly deteriorates, at the dame time her thoughts become less and less linear.... v is someone not plagued by the squirrels. (they stopped eating the seeds from the tree in my backyard. I think word has spread in the squirrel community that I like the tree that they were eating seeds from. And there's plenty of bird feed on the ground to go around.)
  20. granted, now you don't see a zombie pattern and remain unaware of their increasing numbers until they strike. I wish it were an hour earlier, and I still had everything I had worked on up to this point done.
  21. ^mere pattern recognition, it was. v not talking like Yoda, the poster below me is.
  22. you find your cell, but is has mysteriously mutated and now wants only to flee civilization, and will take on anything in its path. I wish I had a better computer with internet access and able to download and run files off the internet. And I wish it would turn on.
  23. ^Isn't it quite late where you are? < enjoys running like a velociraptor. Or an ostrich. Either way to describe it, it's still fun. v is Namiyoshi
  24. you get your PS3 back, but it has become a zombie PS3 and tries to eat your brains. You barely stave off its attack, and end up having to destroy it. Of course this only angers its fellow zombies... Strangely enough, I haven't actually played any games dealing with zombies. Ever. I have talked about them, though. I wish I could make things spontaneously combust, on purpose. Technically this wouldn't be spontaneous combustion but...