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  1. That is really cool, awesome! Thanks! Thanks! The style is actually cell-shading-or something similar, since I'm using blurs to create a bit of a gradient, too but... Which part of the ripples? the lineart, or the color? :?:
  2. 'tis the opposite of antialias. Namely, 'tis to have no smooth transition into another element of the picture I suppose pixel art is the most aliased thing I can think of. But it's supposed to look that way. As a general rule, most people don't like aliased stuff in other digital art.
  3. 55! :shock: that's ...that's just... Wow. They must be insane.
  4. very nice, though typically glass reflections have a bit harder edge to them. I look forward to seeing more from you, and seeing you progress. on a side note, your first post reads "welcome tomy gallery." you might want to fix that. :wink: to comment above:does it get a halo of sorts around it? If so, you might want to alias it first.
  5. ^ is Blooper < thinks 2 grams of completely unreacted cesium and a bathtub of water would be very, very fun. Provided she was about 50 feet away. reaction of somewhat oxidized cesium. v knows of cesium.
  6. try adapting this tutorial to use on your flash drive. Hope this helps!
  7. No one called me a boy today! probably because I had a name tag on and my Jacket was not zipped all the way up to my neck, but still...
  8. ^what!? me:This is madness! This is madness? This...is...SPARTA! ... someone else:You're in a car. Don't be too weird. me:awwwwww. v has not been driven insane!
  9. this should be hepful to you. It covers all the basic tools used in PDN, and the basic effects, as well. Hope this helps!
  10. a new sig I'm working on. It just seems to be missing something :?
  11. ZizOiz ziOziZ zxizxoiozx zizoiz sw89sw980980s zizoiz wq59 ne9008xd zizoiz nonsense!
  12. but it is a competition "to see who can make the best login screen." So I guess it really cannot be changed. I think the gold glow effect should be lighter, by the way. Right now, it just looks like a yellow glow, not particularly gold in color.
  13. if your tolerance is set to more than 0, you might try what I said with tolerance set to 0.
  14. ... you play Runescape, don't you? I really like the background you used, but maybe you should get a different login box, it doesn't really match to me. *shrugs*
  15. my guess is you would want to take the magic wand tool and press shift while clicking on the color you want to be transparent, then pressing delete. Does this help?
  16. there are two ways of doing that that I can think of. needed plugins are in red, helpful plugins are in dark red You can locate them by searching in the handy search box! First way, quicker but the rounded corners are always going to be the same size. And the border will be aliased. make a new layer select rounded rectangle draw tool draw over the portion of you picture that you want to be in the rounded rectangle picture select the magic wand select tool using the magic wand, select the rounded rectangle select your first layer copy the selection make a new picture. Increase the size of the canvas by twice your border width, in each direction paste your picture and center it (for wide borders, the align object plugin is quite helpful, but it looks like you want a 1px border.) outline your object with the color of your choice, using the outline object plugin. second way: select your image using the rectangle select tool copy your image to a new layer, or new canvas. I reccomend a new layer. gaussian blur+ set to alpha blurring your image larger blurs will get you rounder corners go to curves+ and select alpha. set one point at the bottom and at slightly less than 128, and the other at the top and slightly more than 128. outline object to your preference you're done! hope this helps!
  17. you draw people so well!I really like you cartoon style drawings.
  18. I like the candy star. It's a picture that I can flip around in my head to look either inset or extruded. Which is lots of fun!
  19. I really like the simplicity of your gradient and black wallpapers.
  20. I really like the way you design your sigs, simple and very suited to the letter Z.
  21. Thy works are so very shiny! I really like your SOTY entry, and your starfield as well. The starfield does indeed look (comparitively) close.