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  1. I don't really get that. If you are using a background from the Internet, it isn't really your work, right? It really doesn't make any sense. I have always used backgrounds from scratch. I will try making one like you say, but I do not know if I will like the outcome....
  2. Hey Guys. Alright, I made a new signature, and I want to know what you think of it:
  3. I have been here for a while yy10! I guess everyone else joined to show off their own work, which is good.
  4. Thanks guys! I will sure take these suggestions and implant them into my new signatures! If you have anymore feedback, I would be happy to hear it.
  5. Ok, thanks! Any specific improvements? I really could use some feedback on how to improve them.
  6. Hello All! I am Walrusworldstudios, but please call me Matthew. I prefer that name rather than my username. For now, I will start by showcasing a few of my graphic designs. I really like feedback and constructive criticism, so please, give me some. I have never used C4D's in my images, and I prefer to use the tools Paint.net has given me to create images. I have been using Paint.net for about a year, but I just started getting active on the forums again. I cannot wait for your comments. Again, thank you! Hot Off The Program Signatures Hidden Content: Avatars
  7. That looks pretty good. Hey, anyone like my images? I made these in June.
  8. I really like the space theme. It is very nice, and your avatar is quite good. I used to have a space theme for signatures, but I really never showed it to anyone.
  9. The reason it looks the same is because that is a set. My guess is yy10 just releases sets that have the same features as the others. However, I do suggest trying to add something different in every avatar you make.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. yeah, Luigi's nose is a bit big, but that is how the render came.
  11. I need some opinion on this recent avatar I made. I think it came out really nicely, but I want to hear what others have to say about it.
  12. Anyone like this avatar? Constructive Criticism is accepted and appreciated.
  13. The splinter avatars are nice, but to dark and sharp. Try adding some gloss to it, and try making them less sharp.
  14. yy10, the miles edgeworth image is a bit to dark. I suggest making it a bit lighter. Also, use a different image.
  15. I think it is. Nice work Theonlychad. Also, yy10, the avatar is good. Add some gloss and make the image a bit more visible.
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