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  1. Remember to use a descriptive topic title -as stated in the rules- to make sure your topic won't get locked.
  2. That could be true. I'm hosting it on my home computer, which was off The server is on from approx 12:30 to 2:30 GMT+1, but I got up earlier today.
  3. No extraordinary amounts for such a popular forum... Nice quote in your signature, by the way. -- As the people who have studied the parser might have noticed, the code just slowly searches for characters and excludes everything I don't need for the HTML tags... It's kind of brute. ~write {text:"To infinity, and beyond!":tag(strong)} ; But at least the source .smh is readable. I need a better name...
  4. Now that's a little harsh isn't it? I mean, earplugs are a lot cheaper and less hard to find then a time machine or fairy... What is it they're arguing about? Perhaps a counsellor of some sort would help.
  5. Well, at least they're back on again now... -- In other news: I am writing my own code. No, I'm typing javascript myself, but I am developing my own language including a parser, which is in PHP. Don't believe me? It has a readme file, and a link to download the ZIP with version 0.2b. I really need people to test it for bugs, to develop it further. I don't expect it to go anywhere, but it's always kinda neat to do this kinda stuff. I also need tips on the intuitiveness. Is this easy to figure out? Better yet: Would you use it?
  6. CTRL+ALT+DEL > New Task > "explorer.exe" ought to do the trick.
  7. That can take less code... :top start slow.bat goto top
  8. And when you want to play World of Warcraft you have to "just" play WoW? Well, that option might not be here anymore in a few years:
  9. Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia Green Day - American Idiot Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams Panic! At the Disco - I write sins not tragedies Panic! At the Disco - But It's better if you do In no particular order.
  10. Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
  11. Yes there are two physical processors but I'm not 100% sure if there dual core or not it just looks that way in the picture above since it shows 4 psu's. So it looks like it has a total of 8GHz which works for me . Now why would I go and buy a new motherboard? If I did that I would have to buy a new everything haha Because you need more then 512mb RAM... This is by no means normal RAM. This is RDRAM. Designed to replace DDR (1), released in 1999. I found your particular model on wikipedia. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... Memory.jpg :!: This image is pretty huge :!: Loads of applications seem to run slower on RDRAM. Pretty low voltage though, considering DDR2 PC6400 runs on 1.2v. Either way, this is by no means a standard if you ask me. It is being sold though, just Google it.
  12. I have to disagree with you there. As web designs mostly just contain simple elements, PDN comes out better for making them, as it's so much easier. Backgrounds etc can be made in photoshop, but for the basic design PDN still rules the day. Wrong! There are particular plugins for The GIMP (Photoshop may have this option) that lets you save your image as an actual web layout with full, Standards Compliant CSS and xhtml. The GIMP is much more suited for web design Photoshop also has that plugin, but I was talking about designing the page. It's much more complicated to design something in PS and the GIMP, as they weren't built for it. Fireworks is made for interface/web design. Paint.NET has much more intuitive basic stuff, like shapes and transparent gradients, which make webdesign easier, even though you need to code the page yourself.
  13. I have to disagree with you there. As web designs mostly just contain simple elements, PDN comes out better for making them, as it's so much easier. Backgrounds etc can be made in photoshop, but for the basic design PDN still rules the day.
  14. Well, that needs a lot of RAM, right? I can't find any RAM resembling it. Are we talking about 2 physical dual core Xeons? Because if not, you could just replace the motherboard... With something like the MSI P7N 750i Platinum.
  15. Strange, I only had problems for half an hour or so...
  16. Voila! Il y a mon desin! Yes, I speak French. Poorly. Now, please discuss.
  17. Ah, this was a fun one. Full view. "But Stephan," you might say, "you challenged us to make this a real wordpress theme claiming you're the master of everything except for Chuck Norris (which remains true until further notice), wouldn't it be hypocritical not to do so yourself?" I would reply: "Well, seeing as I am the master of everything (apart from Chuck Norris), and very believe that any form of hypocrisy should be tackled with a 45 kg sledgehammer, I made one." The theme (while in development) is available for free. Download these files: http://rapidshare.com/files/137145701/r ... g.zip.html http://rapidshare.com/files/137145811/j ... t.zip.html Unzip them, place the javascript folder into your main wordpress directory, and the ricks_blog in wp_content\themes, and select the theme in the wordpress admin account. If you don't want to download it, just go to http://stephanheijl.co.cc/ricks_blog/ and log in as: Username: pdnguest Password: pdnguest to post some stuff.
  18. That doesn't make sense... You don't need video memory, Vista does! It doesn't matter how old you are, Vista will love every single byte of that vmem, and it will demand it too.
  19. Why save if there's no tomorrow? It's not like like you're going to work on it the next day
  20. I like it, but why is it so thin? I mean, sure, lower resolutions like 1024x768 should be supported. Perhaps even 800x600 if your audience is mainly people who live pre 2000, but 640x480? Our 7 inch Portable DVD player has a high resolution than that... In my book it´s like this: Design for 1280x800, build for 1024x786 >.
  21. Why are you getting a laptop then? :? The video memory is pathetic... The brown one is practically the same laptop, and saves you 30$.
  22. The brown version looks so much ore classy... The gold one is just kitsch if you ask me. But then again, I'd never buy a laptop other than an Eee-PC. Just the essentials. No screwing around trying to make it something it isn't: A desktop, which is what so many people are trying to do. Just sitting there all day on the same spot with their laptop, (probably because the power supply will only work for like 30 mins.) and trying to play a game or do something else a real desktop is meant for. Seriously. It's disturbing, and hurts my eyes, it's that pathetic. :?
  23. No, even more unbelievable... What are they trying to do? They can't win from mother Russia, that's insane :? And even though it's such a nice font I think the Russians will become a bit more sensible, lay a few more cities in ashes, pull out and say that they don't want that sort of cheekiness again.
  24. Sorry, I made a mistake. PDN's Zoom Blur wasn't recently introduced, but enhanced with the introduction of indirectUI. It does everything Deluxe does, but faster. My mistake.
  25. Hello Fluffaloo, even though this not your first post, I'd still want to welcome you to the forums first. Now, for your request. I'm afraid that Zoom Blur Deluxe has been superseded by Paint.NET's built in Zoom Blur. It can be found under Effects->Blurs->Zoom Blur. If this is not in your list, I'm afraid that you are acting against forums rule number 7. Please upgrade as fast as you can, by going to Help->Check for Updates->Options and checking "Automatically check for newer versions", to keep up. Good luck, and I hope to see that tutorial soon, as long as it complies with the tutorial guidelines.
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