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  1. Okay, let's state it otherwise. Racial Discrimination. You're separating people on base of their race. It's become almost synonymous here in the Netherlands. Either way, on a happier note, I finished my new portfolio. Partially. May or may not be reachable depending on the time of the day.
  2. I get all the votes, I'm so awesome I know, I'm going against nobody...
  3. That's pretty racist, to be honest.
  4. This year my resolution will be 3360x1050. I hope. For the less computer savvy, that means i'll be gettign a second 20" screen.
  5. Try Unlocker. It'll kill the processes using the file, or take ownership, and will have you delete it.
  6. Cool, what's your system like? In no particular order... Q9450 w/ Scythe Mugen AKA Infinity 2x XFX 9800GTX+ 2GB Corsair ValueRam (Working on it ) 700w Coolermaster RealPower MSI P7N SLI Platinum Chieftec BH-01 Black/Silver
  7. I got my SLi setup working after weeks of working with drivers, BIOS stuff etc, it has suddenly cured itself...
  8. I saw IAL as well... Hidden Content: I didn't care about Will Smith dying, he did his job, but I thought the dog being killed was way more sad... That proves it. Dogs > Will Smith. And then he whistled for a baboon!
  9. You forgot the teeth, but the rest was correct.
  10. More recentness: May or may not have been digitally adjusted to enhance what beauty I have left A cookie for the one who spots all the enhancements.
  11. Double the value. Gotta be happy with that Somewhat appropiate:
  12. Enormator: Fluid pages are a pain in the back. While height mostly doesn't matter, the width can and WILL cause problems with your design. For example, you divided the page into a manu on the left, and content on the right. Normally the space inbetween would be enough to clearly separate them, or yet at the same time have a nice text-density. However, if the page were to become "fluid", and you'd view it on a wide screen, the menu would either need to be stretched, or the text would consist of 2 or three lines. Neither of te options is appropiate. You need to use tiling textures, and have even more issues with the text. A website can look cool on every screen, however, they appear in all different sizes, and this is not a minor issue, like watching out for people who use (For example) Mozilla 0.3 on a *nix rig. Just because your website spreads all over the screen doesn't make it good. It sometimes even makes it harder to focus on the actual content. If there is any at all. For example, your own site starts off with a couple of HUGE textures, goes into a "main" page, but there appears no content whatsoever. Just 2 different logo's, and a menu. The rest is space. It is not being used by anything apart from the textures that took me 5 seconds extra to load. It contributes in no way to my browsing experience. I do not see why I would want my whole screen with it. If you see a liquid site that uses its variable size well, please do post. If not, just remain assured that absolute numbers will give actual positions, and not "somwhere over there", which not only makes it easier to code, but also to use, as the layout can be uniform troughout machines.
  13. At first I thought the "Hit and Miss" award was for an Epic fail... :shock: I was like "Wtf?", then I checked again, and I got it...
  14. Only George Carlin can explain the manifest of these problems in all his greatness. May contain course language:
  15. I just noticed: I will either lose, or go against Helio :O (This ofcourse based on Helio winning from Ouchy, but I find that chance quite high considering Helio's experience.) Either way, I won't make it to Round 3.
  16. Yes. It's a board as smal as ONE atom. A helium atom to be precise. It's a motherboard with the mITX size standard, namely 6.7x6.7 inches, with the processor soldered in (Intel Atom CPU). Rick bought one to replace his broken PIV.
  17. Does that include you? Because I always imagined you hunting deers in the forest... Which would be a weird thing to do if you were vegetarian.
  18. Very true, but what amazes me is that so many people actually likethat song... It's disturbing, especially since it proves how many people seem to be running on an IQ of 50 or lower, since that is required to like it.
  19. *emphasis added* That's a pretty vague statement... Do you mean the screen remains black, or just that it won't show the Windows stuff? If it's the former, replace your video card. If it's the latter, test with a Linux Live CD (Any distro) and replace your video card. You'll probably need a new one anyway. Damn kids these days won't buy 'dem new graphics cards.
  20. Why is this sloppy? Sometimes it makes more sense to have the CSS in the HTML as opposed to an external CSS file. If all I am making is a single page I'm not going to bother using an external file sheet. It's way more orderly. It's the same in an office. You can leave all the papers on your desk for easy access, but things get hard to reach as you add more over time. The best way to do it is archiving your papers according to content and case. While the in-document CSS may be handy for testing, it's better to put it in an external file to make the HTML document shorter, and to reuse the stylesheet on other pages later on.
  21. Actually, that is CSS. It just isnt on a separate stylesheet, but integrated in the page. Notice how it says type="text/css" ? This is just sloppy.
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