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  1. It's all still WIP. You can log in with any name, but nothing happens apart from the side changing, and you being able to log out.
  2. Your lack of Website link is disturbing... Thus the "honor" goes to Brandon. I can't describe it in any other way then "plain". There's just the lines under the header to decorate it. There is a thin line between minimalism and emptyness. This one crossed the line towards the empty side a lot. http://stephanheijl.110mb.com/discons/ Check the preferences, and set another theme if you want. It works in FireFox and IE7.
  3. Everything but the History window, and always on the move Note that the history window is a GREAT feature, but not necesarry in day-to-day work.
  4. I'm basically giving it all away with this preview... The Computer icon is from MSDN, and belongs to Microsoft. The rest however, is all PDN. Expect more to come.
  5. How could a gaming model fir in such a design? Surely they will need a Midi-tower sized thing to properly fit in the graphical power, let alone cooling. There's a reason why laptops don't have 9800GX2's in them. The only way I see these used is as medium game PC's, and mainly work or media PC's.
  6. My opinion, you say? Well, I love OEM's. Considering the graphics options of an iMac (promoting the 8800GS to the best GPU ever ) Microsoft probably won't do any better, considering these designs require sleek hardware, and depend on inferior cooling. A stable Windows would be nice, but please let them keep distributing Vista ( Or, in the future, Vienna ) for OEM/Gaming PC use, as Linux just isn't an option for gamers like me.
  7. Mine's automated. You put a pad in, and for chocolate stuff add a chocolate milk cup. Press a button, and, tada! Warm drinks.
  8. In the Netherlands, we call Dutch Apple pie, Apple pie. I have pledged aswell, and would like a bag of suger with some tea or coffee in it. That reminds me, I'm possibly gonna gt a Coffee/Chocolate Coffee/Chocolate Milk/Tea - Maker on my room.
  9. I used to leave my PC on standby for the night and when I wasn't using it. But now my motherboard doesn't support standby (All the fans just keep turning etc.) So mostly it's off when I got to sleep. Unless I'downloading something, of course.
  10. Tokyo ALWAYS gets destructed... I don't think they even care rebuilding anymore...
  11. I always am Unless you count the Paint.NET Forum one, where my Hard Drive was formatted and I lost all my files.
  12. I think the best thing to do is post it in the official submission topic.
  13. An Irishman, an Englishman, and a Scot walk into a bar. Says the bartender: "What is this? Some kinda joke?"
  14. You could've used Divs and PHP include or require... Why go through all the trouble of making tables?
  15. On reflection, please rate this: http://stephanheijl.110mb.com/discons/ Note that none of the links are supposed to work, and you'll end up at some 404 page from 110mb.
  16. Then either you are constantly dragging your mouse around in weird patterns, or you're yelling into a microphone every time you need something done. This is like Mac users say they don't need a keyboard because they have other means of typing. (This is purely hypothetical, IMO the average home Mac user* probably has the same intellect as my friend's 5 year old brother, who has enough difficulty moving the mouse as it is, let alone remembering different speech commands, and keeping his voice at the same level as yesterday, or remembering the pyramid he drew to make a capital "A".) *Not you, Rick.
  17. A certain vulpine as a part of its branding? A larger user-base? A more efficient memory management system, even? Shadows in the logo that AREN'T highlighted...
  18. @NCfan: When I look at your source, everything is commented, even with instructions for the code... Just to get this clear, if code is publicly available, like on W3Schools, or a site techsupport forum, i think it's okay to use it. But this code looks very professional. Minimalist? Yes. But professional nonetheless. All in all, it looks like you took a free template, (Which isn't wrong either) took off all the "This template was designed by *addnamehere.com*" text, replaced it with your Lemenge copyright, and then changed the graphics. On top of that, if you would have written that code, why not show us sme of your better works? As this seems really plain and content-less... This is just what it seems like to me, please tell me if I'm wrong. http://stephanheijl.110mb.com/nctf Btw, sorry Sabrown : Gradients = Win. Same goes for "shadow" under your page. The only people who can afford that minimalism, are people who really have something to say , and add to it the most colorful words; pictures.
  19. Spore is a definite win, and Age of Conan is a title that I would buy if it weren't for the monthy fees. It makes me think of a new Oblivion... But with building your own city Oh, how I long for games like Nox, one of the Ultimate Diablo II clones... I played it when I was seven, so I only made it to the 3rd level of each of the classes. But that sort of gameplay (And my age...) makes you ignore the bad graphics... Like Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Stone video game.
  20. On the speed painting: Talking about a waste of 8$... This one however, I do think are worth it:
  21. You can turn off cookies in your browsers' settings, but a lot of sites require cookies to (for example) remember your username and password.
  22. Heck, If PDN were to go Multiplatform In release 4.0, downloads will have doubled before 4.2! A least, I suspect that...
  23. Maybe try a smaller font on the abou tme stuff... Verdana 10px.
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