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  1. Even though they fail at passing the Acid3 test, while most of the browsers these days do, or at least get a decent score.
  2. The banner you link to was made in Adobe Flash, a professional animation tool. Paint.NET was not made with animation in mind, Flash however, is. Adobe Flash is included in the Adobe Web premium suite, which costs some 1700$ (according to Adobe). However, some forum members were able to get for way less due tobeing in college or buying an older version.
  3. Okay, perhaps that was a bit unfair, but either decision would've been inappropiate. All I'm trying to say is that it was a bit stupid to buy an entire Adobe suite when Photoshop is separatly available. The piracy thing was a sidenote. I'll edit my message as it was unfair to automatically assume he had a pirated version if he didn't buy it.
  4. If you seriously bought that, you need to think about your pursaches in the future... If you don't know a single line of HTML, and decide to buy the entire Adobe Creative suite, there's something wrong with you. If on the other, you have a pirated version, then I think it will not be appreciated on this forum. Rick himself discourages it to the utmost, and I myself agree. If you want a commercial product, pay for it. The Adobe guys have better things to do then battle keygens.
  5. There is no way to do such a thing if you want to keep it on the same resolution. However, you can resize the image so that the "pixelized" blocks back to the size of 1 pixel. For example, if you have a 500x500px image, and you applied the pixalize effect with both sliders on 10, you can make the image 10x smaller (50x50) and have a "normal" quality picture. It will, of course, be smaller.
  6. Fireworks hardly "Designs" anything... And if you get some squares exported to Dreamweaver everything you'll get is a map of the image and some text... So please, just learn XHTML+CSS.
  7. You seem to be focused on Christianity a lot lately. Why that? RANT: This site shows up third when using Google Netherlands to search for "Webdesign". She charges 350-550€ (About 3 billion USD according to current exchange rates) for these websites, which she produces in MS Frontpage 4.0...
  8. Wouldn't burning him do the job? Just have to figure out how to efficiently gather the energy from such an enormous flame...
  9. Rant: To all of those who live the UK, you know what happened yesterday at Heathrow Airport. For those who don't, here's the thing. Controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders has been banned from visiting the United Kingdom to show his film Fitna (which was blown way out of proportion, to be completely honest), and was arrested at Heathrow airport. He was sent back before dinner time. Now, you may or may not agree on Geert Wilders' political stance. It is completely irrelevant at this time. The cause of him being banned was a threat by Lord Ahmed, which stated that he would have 10,000 angry muslims block the parliament if Wilders was let into the country. The reply to this threat was -I'm really sorry to say this- almost French-like. The UK government decided that surrendering to these claims would be better for them then to show a 17 minute long movie with stock footage, 3 Qur'an verses and the sound of paper being ripped from a telephone book. Wilders called Gordon Brown "The most cowardly man in Europe.". However, if you agree with Wilders, there is other side of the coin, which is a lot more shiny. Continued here.
  10. Continued from here. What the UK government actually did was cause a huge explosion in the amount of Wilders voters, boosting the PVV from 9 to 23 seats (Out of 150) in the parliament, making it the third largest party(!). Please note that these results are not definitive. We are not yet under the rule a Geert 'Powderwig' Wilders coalition, but it'll certainly turn out to some extra "real" seats in 2010.
  11. Okay, this officialy repulses me. I am appalled by the fact that the 15 year old girl actually DECIDED that she could keep the baby. Neither of those could ever be responsible parents, and the baby will probably end up in some kind of foster home within the next 6 months. I can't believe the boy's father consented to this. These children are not in the position to get a say in these issues.
  12. PDN is still strictly Windows. Throw in Boot camp or a similar Virtual PC thing. The only thing I could see "working" would be Paint Mono, which is as stable as the Zimbabwian economy. @David Atwell: If you really want to go cheap, get the 9800GTX+. A really decent NVidia card, for a mere 165$. It's like 80% of the GTX260 (Core 216).
  13. You do realize that NewEgg charges 290$ for the 920 (2.66Ghz), and 560(!)$ for the 940 (3Ghz), right? You'd be better off overclocking it, like Rick did. The performance difference between the two (Unoverclocked) is 5-10%, which could be neutralized if overclocked to 3.1Ghz easily. Use the extra money to buy a GTX285, which is truly awesome... Sound is built into the motherboard, and video card = graphics card. Get a 700W+ PSU. Get a cheaper brand of memory, buy 6GB RAM and use the tripple channel abilities of the X58 platform. While the memory may be slower, the extra 2GB will compensate.
  14. Considering your age, even paper rounds are out of the question. I hope your neighbourhood is thirsty, because you're going to sell lemonade like other 10 year old boys, but without the help of fairy godparents. I think.
  15. Considering your age, even paper rounds are out of the question. I hope your neighbourhood is thirsty, because you're going to sell lemonade like other 10 year old boys, but without the help of fairy godparents. I think.
  16. Noctua does make great coolers, despite the odd colour of their fans. Most overclockers reccomend not to go >1.45v, but that might be different for Core i7's. Great job!
  17. Rick, what the hell are you cooling this monster with? :o 3.74 is pretty amazing... Voltages?
  18. Remember to take the motherboard! They're almost just as expensive as the 920 itself...
  19. Join the club. We're both poor outcasts, exiled by our co-forum members. All because we're Pastafarians I'm obviously kidding here.
  20. Even though encryption takes place, people can still type in your password. Encryption only protects the password from being stolen from the database and used directly. If I were to retreive your password from the database - Let's say the password is "dog" - I'd get "e49512524f47b4138d850c9d9d85972927281da0". However, hackers only need to try to crack the sha-1 with a Rainbow Table, and it'll be hacked. Considering "dog" is only three letters, it'll take less then an hour to crack. I cannot say why this has been implemented, but I didn't experience it. I guess it's to stimulate people to get more difficult passwords, that are harder to guess, considering about half of the MySpace passwords are a normal word of 7 letters with a 1 behind it.
  21. They're called French Fries. There's a clear difference. Chips are fries that suffer from obesity.
  22. I bet it will be torrented less than an hour after it's released. And why not? I guess I could give it a whirl as well...
  23. The integrated graphics may have been turned off. Try to get into the BIOS, check under Built in Peripherals, and turn it on if it isn't. It should be working after that. Otheriwse, exchanging graphicscards is the easiest thing to do after (re)placing RAM imho.
  24. Sorry, wasn't meant to be that way, I can't stand any of those extremes, I was just correcting my previous mistake of words. You'll find me being the last to intentionally say everybody is the same.
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