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  1. This is untrue. 9/10 Scientists agree that Africa doesn't exist. It's actually a holo-room made by organizations like Unicef, to make you want to donate to their cause, which is actually no less then world domination.
  2. I sincerely doubt that, as air consists mainly of oxygen and nitrogen, both that won't go solid for any temperature higher then -210.00 °C, or -346.00 °F. I can guarantee you that those temperatures will not affect your health positively. But when water is frozen, it isn't water. Its ice. So, technically you're walking on ice, not water. (You can say you're walking on H2O though.) Wrong. When water is frozen, it's still the same substance (H2O), but the temperature has been lowered to such a degree that it turned solid, and crystallized.
  3. What do you mean by "Design tools"? If you just design websites, PDN may be all you need. It doesn't do any slicing or anything for you, but still. However, if you're coding the websites as well, check out: Notepad++, for the coding. IETester, for testing in IE 5.5, 6, 7, and 8b2. and this page with Firefox extensions, which are a neccesity to any web developer. All of them are freeware, which means you can use them for free, for ever.
  4. I really loved that title! Thanks to everyone who voted for me! And ofcourse, don't forget to congratulate the runner-up, LJXD
  5. I don't know anyone who does that personally... I myself always try to vote the guy with the least votes already if I can't decide. Also, if the contest holder is gone for any reason, at least the results are known...
  6. I see. So /b/ and baby Jesus are together responsible for billions and billions of dead kittens. I think this requires a lawsuit!
  7. Initially, I thought this was just another "I might be leaving" thread, but this shocked me. Wish him the best of luck, and buy him a Mosquito net if he lives through it.
  8. How could you be addicted to the forum without posting here first? You could GET addicted from your first post, but if you don't have an account in the first place, it's like saying you're addicted to looking at cigarette boxes... -You refute someone's reply in this thread.
  9. Name: Jean-Paul Stewart Power: [Class 2-3] Ability to handle any energy weapon and deal extreme firepower due to super conductive blood cells, constantly gathering (Not generating) electricity. [Class 4-5] Ability to shoot electricity à la Sith Lord, and slowly generating it himself. Skills: Tactical supermind. Ability to handle any handhold weapon. Looks: Short lightblond hair, strong posterior, with a small glow around him at all times due to gathering of electricity. Side: Good
  10. I've seen a lot of people complain about this, but if you think about it, it's only logic. Consider this: Every tab is a separate process. While they all feature the same toolbars, I think those are on their own as well, because when one opens 3 tabs, there are 3 chrome.exe's. Also, when one is dragged out, A new window opens, but there is no extra process appearing. There would be if there was a sort of "management" window, keeping all the tabs in one place, but there is not. The tabs are simply connected to each other. There is not a parent window that keeps them around for you. If you were to close the last tab, there would be no processes of chrome running anymore.
  11. Ah, yes son. I recognize the pain of the suppression from your parents. At first, they wouldn't let me have MSN either. Over time, I became more and more handy with computers, and took both of them over. That resulted in a complete monopoly on the PC's in the house, and I have been Sysadmin since I was 11. Basically, the method is to learn more of computers then your parents do, trump them with your skills, and free reign is within hand reach. Now I can visit EVERY site I want, download EVERY program I want, and delete any of their files without being bothered. Well, except for the deleting files stuff, to which I mostly reply that they probably hadn't been there in the first place.
  12. Well, it could've been... They're both blond... That's where most of the similarities end, but that's just because I haven't seen any reference material apart from the Rolling Rock one.
  13. Wow, an actual (recent?) picture we can paste on your posts Your face is extremely hard to find on the interwebz. The best I've seen so far is the one where you're drinking a Rolling Rock...
  14. Jeff Atwood concurs! This obviously doesn't exactly apply, as posting isn't something that can really be "practiced". Your posts mostly parallel your communicative skills, which would mean that the 1000 one sentence replies would belong to a person who wouldn't talk much in the first place, which calls for the question: Why the hell does someone like that join forums? :? Either way, I find that your post number on its own doesn't lend status, but when combined with other data (Join date, quality of posts) it does. For example, if you saw someone with 5000 posts delivering a great answer to a question, and seeing he joined 2-3 ears ago, you can easily deduce that he/she will have a great standard of posting, being a veteran and having loads of experience with communicating with people in the community.
  15. I wasn't saying you weren't saying that. I was just giving an example of the gas prices here. I started posting, but left from the PC before posting. Your reply had come in after I made the post.
  16. You think that's bad? I just calculated the cost of one gallon of petrol here. What do you guys think? Is it 4$? No, it's more... Is it 6$? No it's more. is it 8$? Almost. The price of one gallon of petrol in the Netherlands is 8.71$*. Eat your heart out. * 1,59€ -> 2,30$, 1gallon -> 3.79l. 2,30*3.79=8,71
  17. Okay, so here is my entry. Let;s overview the lot first. And here are the full detail shots. Empty Screen Addresses Number dialing Menu. Details: Windhoos is Dutch for a huge amount of wind all in one time coming towards you. The weather kind of wind. Not the one you are thinking about. All the names in the addressbook are related to Winnie the Pooh, but in Dutch. For example, Christopher Robinson = Janneman Robinson. Only one stock, used for the overview/ad: http://www.photokina-show.com/0508/htc/cameraphone/htc-touch-smartphone-review/
  18. I never knew the right to privacy was dependant on competence. You should have read the context. I was explaining why nobody cares. The nobody caring is ofcourse sarcasm, since at least 1 or 2 people do care.
  19. Let's re-reformulate it. Should hacking Palin's e-mail be against the law? I say NO, because nobody freaking cares. McCain has chosen an incompetent vice president, and due to John's health conditions I feel that he's not gonna hold out those 4 years very ably, during which he would need to call on a vice. Even based upon that I would vote Obama, or just not vote at all.
  20. With my birthday came new computer parts! Type: Desktop Processor: Intel Q9450 (4x2.66Ghz) Motherboard: MSI P7N Platinum Video/Graphics: NVidia/XFX GeForce 9800GTX+ (765Mhz OC) How much HD space? 200GB How much RAM? 3GB Corsair ValueSelect (Soon to become 4GB Dominator) Monitor: 20" Acer X203W
  21. You know, that's discrimination, yet it isn't... :? It's almost artist like.
  22. Why? I like my occasional boost of endorphine etc just as much as you, I just believe love is an entirely practical process, and not something supernatural. Think about it, when you're in love with the most popular girl in school, it's simply because her physical features will most likely ensure healthy kiddos. Nothing wrong with that, right? Either way, whether you believe it's because your God has blessed you with such feelings, or those butterflies are just some Serotonin raging through your system (Which by the way also stimulates vomiting), it's great to be in love. It makes you more human, as it allows you to have a relationship with somebody that can be borderless, protecting him/her from harm in every situation, which is what keeps our puny race on this lump of earth and water going.
  23. It is just a chemical excuse to reproduce if you ask me.
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