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  1. @Jake: Whats the budget? RANT: Our german teacher gave us a test for yesterday, and told us we'd get a sheet with the noun forms... Turns out: She did give us one, but we had to fill it in ourselves. Nobody in the class had studied that assuming we'd get the sheet all filled in. :x
  2. Notepad++ MSN Logmein NOD32 Antivirus VLC Media Player 7Zip
  3. @Helio: Today, I got my site to work In Fx, IE7 and IE8, and all of that with same code (XHTML Strict Valid.)
  4. Wow, I knew this was gonna turn out in some sort of fail on my side, but this is overkill! :shock: Maybe people just don't like Windows...
  5. It seems quite implausible... There's only 4MB RAM (Unless you'd get the prepacked device to run as RAM) on the NDS, and there are 2 tiny processors, of which one is probably used as GPU... However, if you do optimalize it, you may get basic functions like a pencil, brush, selection, perhaps colors... Basically, you'dget MS Paint.
  6. That would be soooo cool! Would be a slow rendering time though 400Mhz Processor... It could be made a light version though. On small sizes it should be acceptable. @CMD: When will this be released? It's hard for my thought police to keep updating via twitter...
  7. To what extent have you experienced it, sabrown? Linux just sows no sign at all of you actually typing a password...
  8. Paint.NET for your Nintendo DS ? Those screens are tiny. Try PDNPSP.
  9. Okay, first to enter (Hopefully not last...) I'm not really presenting this very well... But whatever. It isn't my greatest work ever either... Here is Microsoft Windows Remote Control Center. Control your Vista PC from any other, and check what your local network buddies are up to. Sources? Only some Vista icons (Computer and drives) And a screenshot of my own desktop. Vista Border turned out too wide, and corners are aliased... To be honest, I don't like it that much myself. PS: Don't mid the different times... The screenshots were taken hours apart at different resolutions.
  10. RANT: For some reason, Firefox 3.0 just stopped responding. This wouldn't be so bad if there weren't any consequences. But there were. When restarting it, It simply doesn't display. There seems to be a process running, but nothing's happening. It can't be a Virus, as I scanned the whole folder, and reinstalled it twice. Now I'm back to trusty
  11. You know that Portugal was just kicked out by some frikking great nation? :-) Sorry, I messed Portugal and Spain up. They're too close together. Either way: Hup Holland, Hup!
  12. Netherlands vs Portugal IMHO. Why? Because the Dutch frikking rule!
  13. Netherlands-Rumenia: 2-0. That means 9 Points in the C poule, and that we're straight into the quarter finals!
  14. I can't fine one Does it actually say anywhere in that statement that the spelling mistake must be in the signature? Fixed.
  15. Okay, trying again... First to spot a spelling mistake (In the signature!) gets to keep the signature.
  16. And it would´ve worked if it weren´t for those meddling typos!
  17. http://core.tweakers.net/nieuws/54044/m ... nline.html Look at the first comment, the link under "spiegel engels" .
  18. 3.0 Post! It automatically transferred everything from 3b5
  19. It's to be distributed at 10AM, it's half an hour from now.
  20. I'm not too impressed with the prospect of this becoming a law. I think it's in the privacy stuff of MySpace, so she basically would only get a punishment for breaking that rule of the MySpace ToS. On top of that, most of my online presence already goes by my real name. Yes, I am defiant
  21. But it shoud be reminded that was used in a sarcastic tone, and the user was only ranting about PDN.
  22. Custom Build: Yes Laptop or Desktop: Desktop OS: Windows Vista Ultimate Processor: AMD Althon 64 X2 6000+ Motherboard: ASRock NF5SLI Alive 1394 Video/Graphics: Sparkle nVidia GeForce 8800GT 512MB How much HD space? 200GB How much RAM? 3GB
  23. A lot of PC's can handle Crysis. It depends on what settings you're using it. I have yet to see a benchmark where a GPU performs more then 30FPS on very high with any anti-aliasing. It's the leaves that do it... But I am determined that The next next NVidia gen (GTX280 is going to be horribly expensive) will tackle Crysis with no problems whatsoever, for a reasonable pricetag.
  24. Wow, have you already succeeded in making a cube? That's advanced blender stuff! :shock: When you and your axe have set out to destroy any Photoshop copy in the world, be it physical or digital.
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