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  1. I need 3 Heck, I'll open them and stick 2 cores on each card... That'll make 6 That'll become a serious everything-but-the-graphics-card bottleneck. And it will serve as a nice heater in the winter...
  2. I voted for jedi12, not because I found it the most beautiful (Weird, I know) But because it must have required a lot of skill to produce those pyramids etc, which imo deserves a reward
  3. Computer Hardware: Not antique stuff, but really just to build as much boxes as possible apart from my hypothetical über PC and current computer which will (When the über PC is complete) become my server Guns: Currently, I own three. I am a fan of rifles and machines guns though, pistols are for sissies who can't carry a real gun *Keeps an M249 SAW in his backbpocket at all times* Money: To fund these two collections, it is needed a lot Currently my income has shifted from coming from a newspaper round, to building and designing websites. (Win!)
  4. Perhaps not if you encode and salt your user information
  5. Add some magenta, and throw in pastel colours on top of portrait. It ought to do the job.
  6. Also, the 8800GTS 640 won't get you too far in games... Sure, it's a good card, trumping the singlecore 7 series, but don't get too optimistic with stuff like Crysis on higher resolutions... A dual 9800GTX+ setup will run it around 50FPS on high, on a nice 20 or 22"screen.
  7. He probably has a house. Force him to sell it on pain of jailtime and take the the money Preferable is ofcourse getting him into jail, but i don't know if you could do that in this case. Copyright infringement to the fullest extend (Not only copying and spreading without your permission, or rather against your permission, but also saying it's his...) Is pretty bad, but I don't know about jail...
  8. My Happiness: I have a job Some guy wants a site on which he can sell houses in west-Germany to Dutch people. His original idea was to use a "script" and let me modify it, but since he wants a dynamic page, I told him it'd be a bad idea, and let me build a whole new site. He agreed, and I hope to get somewhere from a 100 to 200€ from him, but obviously 1484.55€ is also accepted on my side :wink: (Coincidently corresponding with the cost of my dream PC... >_>) @Expiration: Can we see it?
  9. You're American... I say sue his bottom! No more warnings for him, get a lawyer and drag him into the courtroom. Wringle a some 100 grand out of him, and buy yourself a nice BMW
  10. Guillty... ...When you open Paint.NET more then your standard browser. ...If everything you see gives you the urge to fix it graphically, like logo's on stores, which would look SO much better the a neat web 2.0 gloss over it... ...when you make up some reasons just to reply to someone's post in this thread. <_<
  11. It's not like his name isn't on there in every single tutorial picture
  12. Interesting fact, it's been 19 hours since I woke up. And I'll go to bed in about 10 hours Figure that out.
  13. It sounds okay for people like the ones in the video, who want to distribute their guacamole recepies over their friends. I don't see commericial applications though, like in that Google Application framework. It's just too... "Googley" to get a lot of profit out of it, if any.
  14. My home/self made bean dish. Once you've eaten it, you'll become a walking biochemic timebomb
  15. Didn't you already try to let some mod change your name?
  16. But not the link to your previous sigs... I got a new keyboard. And it's silent
  17. No, I tried it before answering @Lonesky: This is an image with a simple overview on how to place the text: Note that the name of the layers corrsepond with the text make decoration.
  18. There is no such option in Paint.NET yet. You will have to type the text you want bold separatly, and drag it into position on new layer.
  19. The homepage looks cool, with the cheeta and all, but it's a shame the followup pages are all still under construction... Also the ads are a real site waster. With ads I give it a 7, but without an 8/10.
  20. 1: You're supposed to rate the person above you first. 2: Isn't this... Illegal?
  21. *Digs up topic* Ryuin, you do realise that the link on your page results in an ad-ridden "blog"? Otherwise... 2/10 The colors don't match, (There is no pallet!) the footer and main content do not match up, and a website consisting of a an image and a div doesn't have a future on itself. If you have a newer site to show, I will be happy to rate it again for you. Get it going.
  22. They're also known as crapware I removed them as soon as my parents got their laptop. Most of them even have a start on windows from your regisry :?
  23. Maybe that's because you're german :? The points is spelling and the noun forms, like genitiv, etc. There's a certain list of words that are coupled with them, and there's male and female words that affect the whole senetence. (unlike dutch or english, where only he, she , or it, changes.)
  24. Need some help No chance, this was the last test of the eyear and I screwed it up. Now everyone's parents are complaining, because no one saw this coming
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