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  1. I sent you a PM with an alternative possibility. It ought to work now.
  2. To install it correctly, drag the installer file from the zip folder to your desktop. Then click on it. :!: Hard explanation :!: : From within the zip-folder the installer cannot reach most of your computer's settings. Therefore, the file needs to be placed directly on your computer instead of running it from your appdate/temp folder.
  3. The rest of the PC won't do it justice. The CPU is actually very underpowered, even though they won't tell you that. There's a great chance those 4 extra GB's won't make a difference, as it's all clogged up in the CPU. My suggestion for your system: CPU: Intel Q6600 (VERY overclockable) GPU: For this once I'm gonna let you keep the 4850... RAM: 4GB Corsair or GeiL, 800Mhz Mobo: MSI P45 Neo3-FR
  4. Really? To what are you referring? The resizing (doubtful) or keeping the resolution sharp so that it does not look blurred? I have a lot to learn when it comes to image manipulation programs, however I find it hard to believe that just as you can shrink pictures and keep their sharpness that one cannot do the reverse. This is just a statement and not a challenge, OK! :wink: So all that computer wizardry that goes on in CSI Miami, Vegas, etc. is nonsense!? What they're showing there isn't the picture being magically readjusting... That's because they take a full high res picture, but only cache a smaller version. When they "enlarge" the picture, they're actually just zooming in like you would when you open a picture and zoom in to see someone's head or an object more clearly. No magic involved.
  5. Are you kidding? :shock: Paint.NET is nice, but it's not magic... Neither is photoshop, or any other raster graphics editor. What you're requesting goes against the laws of... Well, nature. If it was just text, okay, but this effect cannot be achieved if you ask me.
  6. Or let the ones with web skills compete for the IRL competition. Gives you a chance for extra points for animation and/or sexyness. It ought to be interesting... Perhaps a webdesign competition? I´ll keep it in the back of my head for the time being...
  7. I'll give them that... They did their best, and it's looking great
  8. He doesn't know how to spell anything... And his "sites" defile the word "webdesign".
  9. I myself use Notepad++ and Flash CS3 Pro. On the side I use Photoshop CS2 and Paint.NET, ofcourse.
  10. @ Anhelo designs: It looks great, but what'd you expect considering it's based on CMD's design 9/10 , because the blog isn't the same theme, and that's just a shame. Not for Internet Explorer just yet. Please use Firefox or an other non-Trident based browser.
  11. He initially grabs the Apple phone, with its shiny stuff everywhere. However, once he dials the number, he is surrounded by fanboys all wanting the same phone. He fights them off, but when he puts the phone to his ear, he hears it's not 911 compatible, and quickly throws it into the menacing crowd of fanboys. Jack picks up the Microsoft phone, and after paying 500 bucks for it, he dials 911. After a long time of connecting, he is presented with a choice: Does he ask for the firemen to save his house, or a police helicopter to save him from the Apple fanboys?
  12. Sorry to do this... Nah, just kidding. Think about it. You're just 13. You have a whole life ahead of you. (Unless you're a pigeon, that is. If you are, you ARE talented, working a modern computer and such...)
  13. Well, yes, because the price's are more then 100€ apart... Hell, I could buy 2 8800GT's for the price of a 4870. I even think that 2 8800GT's has a better or comparable performance, even though the cards are 2 generations apart.
  14. 1: Traitor! 2: Kill him while you're still relatively sane, and for a good reason, not because you two were fighting over a "mighty mouse" or something... 3: .NET framework is Windows exclusive. 4: ... 5: Well, good luck with the equivalent of paint with transparency and layers... Really, PDN mono is bad stuff.
  15. You might consider broccoli for an outline...
  16. If you manage to convert it to PDN, i'd be happy to use it Even though GPU's are powerful, they mostly just don't do same things... Lower clock speeds and tiny cache. They're both powerful in a different way...
  17. Now that you're talking about it... Join date: 2 June, 2007 0:51 01
  18. Up in the contest thread. I didn't expect it myself either Just a note: This wasn't made to win. I just came up with this and I needed somewhere to put it
  19. I bet you didn't see this one coming: Pyramid adventures: For the 1280x1024 download, click here. First abstract from me on dA, even though you can probably guess who it is ;P
  20. Look at it this way: Maybe they're curious, or you're really attractive to a spider
  21. This thing: Stick two of these of the GTX280 on a single board, make three of them, and put them on your mobo. Also, I was being sarcastic.
  22. Copy the selection to a new layer and blur it there?
  23. I need 3 Heck, I'll open them and stick 2 cores on each card... That'll make 6 That'll become a serious everything-but-the-graphics-card bottleneck. And it will serve as a nice heater in the winter... Why would you remove there 240 cores that run at 2.214 GHz each and replace them with 2 cores. I keep the 240 cores that can be used as normal CPU's. Think about Paint.NEt using 40 of the 240 cores running at 2.214 GHz . I do an effect and it be done before the drop down window closes . With cores, I meant GPU's. I meant putting two GPU's on one card à la AT 3/4870X2.
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