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  1. weelllll 1) im lazy and thats that *pout* 2) get yata to write something lol j/k, i dont know why, im only guessing...
  2. make sure you actually select what you need, i have had my fair share of times when i forget to do so :oops:
  3. i want sozos wallpaper T_T anyway look up 'petercui' on dA ull find lots of other good ones in his dA too
  4. you put candles in a cake its a birthday cake put candles in a pie and somebodys drunk in the kitchen
  5. well, this belongs in bugs and troubleshooting but to me, it sounds like ur fontz iz corrupted
  6. lol all first party nintendo stuff [50] The Legend of Zelda series [50] The Metroid series [80] The Super Mario series i choose to not hurt any
  7. my new super awesome desktop/skin/wallpaper
  8. Feel Good Inc.~Gorillaz Voodoo~Godsmack Peanut Butter Jelly Time!
  9. me thinks that charmap would be easier than getting fake num pad
  10. thats would be the real one and seeing as my fourth gen ipod battery and hard drive is dying, and i just cracked the screen (T_T)... i need a new ipod not a new phone
  11. @Ash why not just use [ctrl]+[shift]+[z]? its much more precise
  12. to make one more 'prominent' you could unfocus the rest? please post the pic
  13. i got a better internet/phone/tv package thing today DVR, Caller ID, and now, downloads speeds at about 750kbps
  14. just so you know, that may be a problem cause that was originally idea....
  15. that would mean people could make cool sigs like pyro's by pressing 'Render->Pyro' lol
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