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  1. smothering pranksters all night kits AOE
  2. thats some bruhaha right there! firefox has the trained monkeys microsoft and google have dancing monkeys
  3. dark, i get to sleep ^_^ ceiling fan or portable fan?
  4. you could always hack a website so it installs the program automatically lol
  5. idk, AMD cause thats whats in my comp vista icons or xp icons
  6. .ılı.------Volume------.ılı. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Min- - - - - - - â—
  7. yea! he makes me all twitchy while i iz waiting
  8. o.O totally missed that *iz sorry T_T*
  9. not for me, although i would mind getting out then cause my birthdays may 30th, so no school on my birthday! alas, this is not true T_T
  10. lets see, this year we got out june 15th i think
  11. ahhhh haha school doesnt start here till september 4th
  12. yep that crazy one that he had when i joined
  13. or you could use the font uH used in one of his sigs (you know the one)
  14. nice how the link and the sig match up, but not much going on 7/10
  15. pyro, did you think of that quote when i brought it up a few pages back?
  16. proly not, it could be like that run a few of us had a while back in here all because of
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