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  1. "Miss Murder" AFI http://www.myspace.com/gaaras_princess12
  2. heres something I did when I saw the tutorual im actualy very happy with how this turned out! ^^
  3. thats cool! im also from Wisconsin! ^^ Me Too!! Go Brewers!! sorry... :oops: lol
  4. yeah, learning how to make it look CG would really help me greatly 'cause I LOVE anime! its been a passion of mine ever since I was really little! ^^
  5. thats cool! im also from Wisconsin! ^^
  6. eh im actualy not too good at it I wanna draw anime for this site I go on ^^
  7. yes! Thank you guys SO much and thanks for being so patient with me! ^^
  8. hmmmmm I tried that and nothing changed plus I saved the plugin on my desktop and nothing changed there either
  9. where is the folder with the zipper on it? im in my paint.net folder ummm hold on ill take a screen shot
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