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  1. "Miss Murder" AFI
  2. heres something I did when I saw the tutorual im actualy very happy with how this turned out! ^^
  3. thats cool! im also from Wisconsin! ^^ Me Too!! Go Brewers!! sorry... :oops: lol
  4. yeah, learning how to make it look CG would really help me greatly 'cause I LOVE anime! its been a passion of mine ever since I was really little! ^^
  5. thats cool! im also from Wisconsin! ^^
  6. eh im actualy not too good at it I wanna draw anime for this site I go on ^^
  7. yes! Thank you guys SO much and thanks for being so patient with me! ^^
  8. hmmmmm I tried that and nothing changed plus I saved the plugin on my desktop and nothing changed there either
  9. where is the folder with the zipper on it? im in my folder ummm hold on ill take a screen shot