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  1. :shock: gimme just kidding, but jeez, you got a nice camera
  2. what does the nike wave look like again? i look for it, but a picture would be nice uh ok never mind i think i get what your saying errr i guess you should try to make use of polar inversion so that the text comes around in an arc?
  3. metroid prime is still pretty sexy :wink: could i get some constructive (or non i dont care) on my sig, im still tying to fix it
  4. yata you deserve a for that. lool and i do very basic Java for anyone who cares
  5. lol i know, but you are the only thats really helping me w/ ideas and such so.... yeah.... i think im gonna feather the edge a little, and ummm i dun know what else at the moment small change all i did was feather two layers, but i like the effect it gave lets see how it looks on this page... yeah, i think im gonna use this one, its got kinda of an inward border now, yeah...
  6. did you just use different lights with the camera to get that effect? because its pretty awesome
  7. well now, errr 8.5/10 just cause? T_Lh, i added a border, and I hope you like it although, now that i see it, i still need to work on it :?
  8. ummmm...6.5/10 ok im still workin on it, ill see what i can do for ya
  9. it doesnt look like your using shape 3d for the pole, are you? if not use it and ummm... thats all I got for ya
  10. no...I found it... I just feel stupid that i didnt figure that out quicker...
  11. alrighty ill find it ._. i feel stupid now lol
  12. ^^; couldnt help it pyro...does this mean your gonna do a tut for your old sig, or did i miss that while i was else where?
  13. ZOMG uH thats one magickal sig 9.9/10 and i dun know bout this sig im not really a fan, but what do you guys think?
  14. thats a realllyy nice sketch :shock: heres a picture i made i like 3 minutes bu using mabye err 4 or 5 effects (after i accidentally deleted my effects folder and it WONT COME BACK :x not like it takes that long to re-download everything anyway)
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