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  1. ha. It's already been torrented, and the beta isn't even public yet. Besides that the beta is free.
  2. nice lighting effect you got goin on there uh 8.5~9/10
  3. sell 1800 of them to a hobo? my ipod died. what i do now? :shock:
  4. lawl i passed 1500 with out noticing, so 1500th
  5. OHMAHGAWD yata got a new siggy, been along time hasnt it as for you, nicely made 8.5/10
  6. get 7-zip, its free and about a 1000 times better than win zip
  7. I WANNA POST ON PAGE 777 nothing else in this post lol
  8. set the text to overlay in the blending mode and see how that turns out @nc, honestly, that *replacement* sig/ava need some work, epically with chrome sides...
  9. not to get off topic... but have they worked before? because your video card may not be good enough... i guess i might as well say that i hate my homework?
  10. well if you are good at doing hand-drawn art, then knock your self out, because in the movie theater i was pretty sure it was hand drawn, but i might be wrong besides that, what specific effect?
  11. uH, you got me addicted to flOw i even got to level two time to have a
  12. nice wood texture :shock: edit: ZOMG COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT
  13. this thread died a while ago...
  14. that guy was either on crack or had too many :mtdew:s but woooow that made me laugh
  15. well thanks little someone posted before me alert, i was gonna say instead of guassian blurring them put the colors on separate layers and feather, but oh well
  16. ohhhh fine then, your school has a nice camera
  17. theres a tut about that somewhere around here, but just put it in the folder, close paint.NET, then reopen, it should be in the effect tab
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