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  1. well seeing as i just noticed, and i consider spam just alittle funny for the first two minutes... how long has this been going on anyway?
  2. mkay i wish the other mods were on too and at first i didnt see that there were so many, i only saw like 2 :oops:
  3. look for cutting out objects the easy way v2
  4. when was ash made a mod? i didnt notice that lol
  5. personally, flyff is better than rrunescape, but you have to download an installer for flyff which takes forever, and the private servers of WoW are pointless, dont try those
  6. well... emulated original beats the original imo lol
  7. my accidental columbian is not the ostrich Shela has SLEEP
  8. haha frojo=sad lol i want that game cartridge a lot, 1000$+ for a game would be pretty sweet btw frojo, im kidding
  9. ummmm.... mesa think that that thingie=fractal to tell you the truth on second thought... clicky
  10. actually, that looks like he made the blue background thing, made one cube that made it look a lot more sophisticated that it is
  11. hey, did frojo ever get a sig? he said he would...
  12. some more color/opacity in the rain drop would be nice i like the font too 7.5/10
  13. lol i like that rick put the rules up on the main board
  14. hehe ^_^ yes, iPod vending machine Could someone tell me major updates so i dont have to, plllleeeaaaassseeee? desert=hot btw
  15. well yours are pretty important for noobs any way <_< >_>
  16. you get them, but the game crashes and wont open up ever again because getting all the upgrades causes the files to become corrupted i wish that i had a wish
  17. i was gonna make this but never got around to it, oh well, hope it gets stickyed
  18. ok, but he decides that you are so annoying that he gets people to kill you i wish that i had a 103" plasma screen tv
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