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  1. its not the formulas, its the proofs, which i guess are formulas but never the less. 1481th post lol
  2. really? hmmm i guess so... ive had a lot of tests and homework and bass practice and blah and blah and blah and blah. well thanks. i hate trig and chem ._.
  3. i went to new york for new years, and man, times square is packed! I was even 9 blocks away form there ( I could still see the ball, which is actually pretty small) and i could barley move through all the people, even if i wanted to leave i couldn't -_-
  4. [25] Jeff Beck (The Yardbirds) [55] David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) [55] Kirk Hammett (Metallica) [60] Jimi Hendrix (solo artist) [50] Alex Lifeson (Rush) [10] Brian May (Queen) [70] Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) [55] Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) [50] Carlos Santana (Santana) [55] Joe Satriani (solo artist) [50] Slash (Saul Hudson) (Guns 'n' Roses) [30] Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen) [45] Stevie Ray Vaughan (Double Trouble)
  5. i bowl around a 115 or so, my neighbor though, he gets 180s+ 90% of the time
  6. ash is correct but just cause ill see if i cant find it for you found it ^^
  7. but i iz too lazyz too make anything else 7/10 not square o.O OH NOz!
  8. ehhhhh 7/10 how many people think i should revisit this orb?
  9. ummmm false? i think? i edit so much stuff for all i know i changed it a while ago.... tpbm likes coke over pepsi
  10. thank you and no i dont personally like it, my friend wanted to see what others thought ummm i like both rubicas and bobs both get 10/10
  11. assume all variables have been defined? if ( norton !=null) { shutdown(); { else { shutdown(); }
  12. did you have anything selected at the time? press ctrl+d just to make sure
  13. hmmm... well neither, but coke zero is overrated because it actually doesn't taste like coke video games
  14. uhhhh you confuzlle spike? do you mean thumbnail view? in the folder? ummm i dont see how that would crash anything though... and its lets you se the picture your trying to open, so unless you memorize your file names and remember them forever.. i like thumbnail view id thats what your talking about?
  15. my friend can do it on hyper mode expert he scares me sometimes
  16. try to get a good lighting so you can put a shadow on the ball like but a glare/shadows where need be, but thats just my opinion i have no idea how that will turn out...
  17. again all the comp can do is think of what the image will look like, uH good idea bad application
  18. make the secondary color's alpha 0 by pressing 'more' on the colors window, clicking the secondary color and making the bottom slider 0 that will get what you want
  19. the computer cant recognize something thats simply not there it can guess if there is a little to base on but thats about the best you may get i say try shadow/highlight recovery
  20. looking very nice oma ^^ another *unfinished* pic lol some of you will probably recognize this pic, i dug it out from somewhere... yeah... i did put the full res photo on my dA just cause... well my dA's very depressed right now T_T
  21. do you mean 'contrasts'? instead of contracts?
  22. alakazaam it doesn't crash anymore, but after you try to save it infects your computer w/ a trojan (for some unknown reason) i wish had a
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