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  1. just saying that if its vista sozo doesnt even have to work :wink: jerberts fine by me although i cant think of anything to do with the guy right now
  2. now it reminds of one of those artists that splatters paint on a wall and calls it art
  3. OH NOZ! now whenever i change a page in this new forum, my iTunes skips :cry:x100000
  4. he should, but you know, nothing seems to be happening because of it... weird :shock: maybe thats an anti-bug
  5. :shock: how...how... how could you! *cries in corner of forum*
  6. Maxis makes Sims right? ill check for you, cause im nice ^_^ looks like itll work for both based on their website mmm kay?
  7. personally, DVDs are better for me because my DVD drive > my CD drive
  8. Yata, unless the game says DVD-ROM up in the left had corner* it will play on the cd drive. the guy could just be incompetent, the best buy people around here are... or, you could just check the website, but i font think sims went DVD yet. I know most all microsoft products did though
  9. yuppers* TPBM wants the quick reply box back *stolen from pyro, dont burn me!
  10. now im pretty sure my rant would be pretty obvious right about now
  11. mkay now ash and rick have to get on and seriously 7 hours? jeez
  12. i dont blame you, too bad your the only mod on right now
  13. hopefully it doesnt hit as a hurricane though o.O
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