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  1. It reminds me of your sig, aatwo. The background and the text are practically identical.
  2. I don't know entirely what you mean, but if you want horizontal lines over the whole thing.. just change your "fill style" to dark horizontal, then select your secondary color in the Colors window, click "More >>" and change the alpha transparency to 0. Then make a new layer, select the paint bucket tool and click somewhere on the new layer. You may also want to change the opacity of the layer. Hope that helps! (Again I'm not sure if that is what you wanted.)
  3. I've edited my post to reflect the.. inspiration
  4. Okay. After a good three days of making this, here it is. My submission to Alphabet Contest '06. In my opinion it's probably the best image I've ever made. Click here for the PDN file. (Be warned, it has 75 layers!) Also, filelodge is very slow.. so give it time.. (You might have to refresh a few times too.) Hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think.
  5. I like the phone idea. We sure have some creative people on these forums
  6. I've been working on my submission all day. Damn Crazy Man Dan! He is so hard to compete with! Everyone else's works are so good too! This was actually a very good idea for a competition. I am enjoying making my image immensely! Thanks Flohrian!
  7. Clone Stamp: Hold Ctrl and left click to select an origin. Afterwards, left click and draw to copy.
  8. @Picc84: Read the first page of this thread @Jake2k: Creative! The subtle white lines really define the keys. I like it.
  9. Sonic is great. Such a unique concept/character. Im still working on my submission for the alphabet contest. Nothing Sonic about it.
  10. Count me in Flohrian. No bold name yet though. Still working on it
  11. Yeah that's real nice. The subtle highlights you have on the text reminds me of BuzzKill's sig.. and that's a good thing
  12. Batfinger, all you need to change is "cows" to "dog", and "jumped" to "jumps", that is the correct sentence.
  13. :o That's sweet aatwo! w00t! Here's a pic I just mucked around with. I call it "Time Lapse"..
  14. You really enphasised that "very".. bold, italics and underline all in one.
  15. I like what you ended up with. I don't see what that soccer match has to do with Paint.NET.. but anyway..
  16. Yeah extract the DLL into the "Effects" folder in your "Paint.NET" folder. (Default is C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects)
  17. Nice image trickman, hooray for you making the 400th post in the pictorium! In regards to your background, from what I've found, if you use the same colors throughout your image it will make it look considerably better. I advise you make a red/white/black background. If you'd like I'll make one for you, but I'm sure you'd prefer to make it yourself!
  18. I've done a sketch of an artwork by Alex Pardee a while ago and thought I should upload and share it with you guys. Enjoy! Full size image.
  19. I've been searching for the meaning of BAMF for the last 30 minutes. Seriously, I ended up on Dane Cook's website, his myspace, the myspace of his friends list, all in the attempt to find what it meant. I am working on some more pics right now that I should be able to post up in the next few days.
  20. Wallpaper - 1280x1024 To view click here. EDIT: If you want a ZIP with the PDN file, short description of what was done, and the finished JPEG image, click here.
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