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  1. This all depends on what format you save the image as. When saving, just hit the drop down box and select a different format like "JPEG" or "GIF". It is only a PDN file that can only be opened in Paint.NET (understandably..) Hope that helps!
  2. So if there's any doubt... he's joking! No pressure! I'm just looking forward to seeing what you end up with
  3. Awesome! I want to see your content. You seem not to have heard of the Pictorium. It's what you were wanting but I thought you were referring to it when you said "I do realize this was attempted in another post, but it quickly devolved into a deluge of questions for previous posters (and had very little actual content)." Here is a link to the Pictorium: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1072
  4. I can never tell if you are joking or being serious Aatwo! Cool cartoon by the way. How's my face going?
  5. Are you talking about The Pictorium? If there's not enough content there for you.. add some
  6. If you go to layer properties and choose multiply any white will be changed to transparent. But in my opinion the best way to get rid of color from a layer is just deleting it. But hey, glad you're making progress!!
  7. There, I've edited my previous post to explain what needs to be done. Hope that helps!
  8. Alright, so this shape is your "jacket drawing". 1. Import the fabric texture. Go to "Layers >> Import From File.." and open your fabric texture. 2. Adjust the order of layers. By default the new layer will be opened on a new layer on top. Use the "Move Layer Down" button to put it behind your drawing. 3. Delete the inside of the drawing. Use the "Magic Wand Tool" (Press "S" four times) to select each color, then press the delete key and you should see your fabric come through the image. If, like me, you have a few pixels that weren't selected by the magic wand tool, you can either play with the tolerance or zoom in and Lasso Select (Press "S" twice) the pixels and press delete. 4. You're done! You should end up with something similiar to this: Hope that helped solve your problem!!
  9. I've made a TGA file with Paint.NET and used it in a machinima film without any problems. Make that when you import the file into whatever program you use to texture that you make it an alpha texture. I'm not sure if the program you use allows this, but in UnrealED if you don't click "Alpha" any transparent area is turned to white. Hope that helps.
  10. To move/resize just part of an image, do as follows: 1. Select which part of the image you'd like to manipulate. Pressing "S" will give you a rectangular selection tool, pressing "S" twice will give you a lasso selection tool, and pressing "S" three times will give you a circular selection tool. (EDIT: There's a mistake with the image here. After just selecting you will see no nubs around the selection area) 2. Select the "Move Selected Pixels" tool. (Press M) 3. Now click somewhere away from the selected area and drag to move it, or click and drag one of the squares (nubs) around the selection to resize the selection. Hope that clears things up a bit!
  11. Not bad so far AWF, be sure to send me a URL when it's done. Here's an image I've been working on, it's not finished and it's not great yet but don't get angry at me. Because.. if you do I'll be forced to launch an evil stick man named bob in your general direction. -----------------------------------------
  12. Awesome Plug-In Pleska/Paul! I hope to be able to create plug-ins one day...
  13. Hey, Windgirl! Probably the best way to drag parts of the image around is to use the selection tool to select what you want to move, and then click select the "Move Selection" tool, and drag the nubs around to where you want the image to be. I've never done any work in regards to The Sims 2, so I can't help much with the quality. In general, a few ways to improve quality is to apply a "sharpen" effect or try saving as a different file type. That's the best I can do, maybe someone who is familiar with skinning for The Sims 2 could help you out more then me.
  14. Layers >> Adjustments >> Black And White (Ctrl+Shift+G)
  15. Oh sorry! You must have replied while I was halfway through writing my relpy! Well at least now you can put in font yourself.
  16. I could make it for you, but it would be much better for you to learn! The sig dimensions that you mentioned are a bit big. But I'm sure you can resize and edit it so that it looks good at a smaller size! These are the steps to adding text: 1. Select the Text tool (or press "T") 2. Enter some Size/Font/Effects/Alginment information. 3. Click where you would like to add text. 4. Type in your text. And there you have it. Nice and simple! This can be done for adding text to any picture. Hope that helps.
  17. My german does need improvement. Thanks! My avatar is actually just a re-sized version of a wallpaper I made by clicking random effects and typing some keyboard shortcuts and drawing some shapes here and ther.. CORRECTION: Using a very well thought out plan and some very tricky.. things. :wink: If anyone is interested in a larger version of my avatar just click here.
  18. I think Zacariem just wanted a general colour, I don't think he was looking for something realistic.
  19. Thanks Flohrian! Did you see I wrote a message in your guestbook?
  20. Here's a wallpaper I just made. I couldn't get the picture to look like it was naturally on the wall, but that's the best I could get. The image of the people dining in the ocean is from Getty Images. Click here for full size image. -Chris
  21. Dan: Anything is fine, I'd probably prefer Chris though.
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