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  1. Hi everyone I have been using paint.net for over 2 years. I am a freelance fashion designer. I have no idea how to use photoshop or cs3 and would rather continue to use this. My clients are happy with the work I produce for them and so why not?! The only problem I seem to have is that I don't know how to make my sketches to a higher resolution? i.e, so that things like pocket/collar definition is much better etc. At the moment I simply open up paint.net and design but I wondered if there was a way to work at a higher resolution (is that the right word?)
  2. I am a fashion deigner and use paint.net Whilst my clients do not complain, I think if I knew how, I could make the images look sharper, cleaner, all in all, better quality. I don't know my way around resolutions etc etc. Can anyone help achieve what a I want to achieve. Clean images where the lines look nice and smooth and not a little bit pixelated. Thanks Gary
  3. Hi Chris thanks for the tutorial it was really helpful, I appreciate the time you took to do it. It 'sort of' worked. I imported my fabric photo, moved the layer down, but initially forgot to place the fabric over the drawing!. The problems came when I used the magic wand, on this occasion a drawing without colour. You must use different command when it's just white? Anyway, when I pressed 'delete' nothing happened but I went to 'layer properties' and switched to 'overlay' and it came through so I thin k I am kinda there!!! Best regards and thanks once again Gary
  4. hi Chris, thanks for your message. I want the colour to be removed. Your description is exactly what I want to do
  5. Hi Dan Are my sketches monochrome? I colour fill them and so most of my old sketches done on paint.net will presumably need the colour removing first right? if I want to make the line drawing transparent? regs Gary
  6. Hi Zacariem thanks for your reply. I created a drawing of a jacket using paint.net and using the line/curve tool. I want to import a photo of some fabric and then overlay my sketch so that the area of the sketch is filled with the image underneath, i.e the fabric photo. The result is a good sketch of a jacket with its fabric. More realistic for me than just using the colour fill tool if I can achieve this thanks for any help Gary
  7. Hi Flo thanks for your help. I tried to follow but with no success. Maybe I'm stupid!! I went to 'layers' the option I then had was 'import from file'. I imported the photo of the fabric. But when I tried to overlay my drawing it still wasn't transparent. So I lost the fabric photo behind my drawing. I just want the 'lines' I create of my design to carry over so that the photo appears as if it has filled in my design thanks
  8. I use paint.net for fashion design. After creating a design I would like to be able to lay it over the top of a photographed piece of fabric to create the effect of the garment with its fabric. I presume I would need to copy transparently, can it be done? thanks a great programme and I prefer it to expensive cad stuff that my peers use!
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